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FJM Indoor Unit - Wall Mounted Inverter - Maldives

- Good Sleep Mode
- HD80 Filtration
- Turbo Cooling

Samsung Maldives Wall Mounted indoor units provide year round comfort for both summer and winter while offering great features such as HD80 Filtration and Good Sleep Mode.

Good Sleep Mode
Samsung’s Good Sleep Mode helps ensure that a comfortable environmental temperature is maintained to assist you in getting a good night’s sleep. For example:

  • Falling Asleep Stage: Aims to ease you into sleep by dropping the temperature.
  • Sound Sleep Stage: Aims to relax your body
  • Wake up stage:s Aims to allow you to wake up from comfortable intermittent air and make you feel refreshed.

Dust Filtration
As well as cooling and heating, Samsung has designed our New High Density (HD) Filtration system to help try and reduce the dust levels in the room.

Turbo Cooling
Operates the unit at its maximum speed to quickly reach the set temperature.

Smart Mode
Enables the air conditioner’s compressor to operate at a reduced intensity when the air conditioner is not required to be run at maximum cooling / heating capacity.

Quiet Mode
In Quiet Mode, the system will run at low fan speed to reduce noise levels when that quite time is needed.

Auto Clean Indoor Coil
Runs the fan for a certain amount of time after the air conditioner stops. This helps to dry off the moisture within the unit.

Additional Features:

  • 24-Hour Timer
  • Auto Air Direction (Up / Down)
  • Adjustable Air Direction (Left / Right)
  • Auto Mode
  • Fan mode
  • Auto Restart

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