Google Android OS Explained

Dec 21, 2011

Google Android OS explained icon

Meet the Android mobile operating system —
what’s an Android™ OS? Introduced by Google in 2007 as one of the leading mobile operating systems, Android is an open source platform that lets your phone act similar to a web browser, a game console, and a personal assistant all in one.

An Android Joins the System

Android uses a fun, easy interface to organise and manage applications on some of the world’s powerful phones.

There are a number of mobile operating systems out there - Android is the only one made by Google. Its web functionality is not just an add-on, but a primary part of the experience.

Have a favourite URL? Bookmark it for quick access any time. Prefer a wider view of a particular site? Just rotate your phone and automatically switch to landscape mode.

All about the Applications

The possibilities are ample with access to the Android™ Market, a huge online bazaar filled with more than 250,000 applications.*.

Are you a sports fan? Live game updates are always just a few taps away with the Sky Sports application. Productivity, entertainment, social networking and causal games are in the palm of your hand.

Before you even visit the Android™ Market, you can check out Android’s pre-loaded selection of applications.

*Certain applications will need to be purchased. Internet connection required. Data download and usage changes may apply.

Always Getting Better

Your Android smartphone will just keep getting better. Android is an open platform, meaning that both Google and its partners can constantly make improvements to the software.

Since its open source release in 2008, Android has had numerous updates - each bursting with new features.

Ever Ready and Future-Forward

So what is Android? It’s having the information you need at your fingertips. Android allows you to be connected today and ready for tomorrow.