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What are the benefits of purchasing Samsung Care?
Samsung Care is a service that was built with your lifestyle in mind. We understand the importance of staying connected to... everything! With Samsung Care, you will be covered for accidental damage that might happen to your device, and if you have a problem you'll benefit from priority queuing in our Samsung Stores along with premium phone support if you need to call us.
You will need to purchase Samsung Care within 30 days of your purchase date of your brand new Galaxy smartphone, and after that you'll be covered for 24 months.
How much does it cost?
You can purchase Samsung Care for your eligible device for $189. The following devices are eligible:
   • Galaxy Note8
   • Galaxy S8+
   • Galaxy S8
   • Galaxy S7 edge
   • Galaxy S7
   • Galaxy S6
   • Galaxy Note5
There is an excess payable for each Accidental Damage claim, of $149 per claim.
Where can you purchase Samsung Care?
You can purchase Samsung Care from one of our Samsung Retail Stores, or through our online portal.
Samsung Care can be purchased at the same time as your eligible new device or within 30 days of your device purchase date. If you are purchasing within 30 days, then you will also needs to provide a proof of purchase, along with the serial and IMEI number of your smartphone.
What damage does Samsung Care cover?
Samsung Care covers you against accidental damage, such as drops, spills and cracks, for your covered device. By purchasing Samsung Care, you are eligible for up to 2 claims over the 24 month period of your plan.
For a full definition of Accidental Damage, please check out the product PDS here.

Accidental Damage cover is provided by Virginia Surety Company, Inc. ARBN 080 339 957, AFSL 245579.
How do you see details about your Samsung Care cover?
When you purchase Samsung Care, you will be required to create a user name and password. Keep these details safe as you'll need them to log in to our portal, which can be found here.
Where can customers access the product disclosure statement?
You can access the product disclosure statement (PDS) before and after you purchase Samsung Care by visiting: here. You will also receive a copy of the PDS by email after you purchase Samsung Care.
Can you transfer your Samsung Care plan?
Yes, you can. The Samsung Care plan is attached to the device - so if you decide to sell your device, any remaining cover can be transferred to the new owner.
Please note that you will need to log into your account using your username and password to initiate the transfer. You can login to your account here.
Can I cancel Samsung Care?
Samsung Care offers a 30 day cooling off period, starting from the purchase date of your Samsung Care benefit. If you decide for any reason whatsoever that this benefit does not suit your individual need, you may request a full refund as long as no claims have been lodged. Cancellations are not available outside of the cooling off period. To request a refund within the cooling off period lodge your cancellation request at or contact the Samsung cancellation hotline on 1300 853 078.
What devices are eligible for Samsung Care?
The following devices are eligible to be covered by Samsung Care:
   • Galaxy Note8
   • Galaxy S8+
   • Galaxy S8
   • Galaxy S7 edge
   • Galaxy S7
   • Galaxy S6
   • Galaxy Note5
Can this plan be purchased outside of Australia?
No, this service can only be purchased within Australia.
Is there a wait period before I can make a claim?
There is no waiting period associated with Samsung Care. You can make a claim as soon as a covered event occurs.
Does Samsung Care replace my Samsung manufacturer's warranty?
No. This plan enhances the warranty already provided by Samsung. Samsung Care provides cover against accidental damage.
Can I purchase multiple Samsung Care plans on only one Galaxy device?
No, unfortunately you can only purchase one Samsung Care plan per Galaxy device.
What are the documents required to make a claim?
The only document you require is your device purchase receipt as proof of purchase.
How do you make a claim?
You can make a claim by either:
- Visiting one of our Samsung Retail Stores; or
- Calling us on 1300 362 603 or visiting our online portal here.
- You can log into your account by using your registered username and password.
How quickly can you get your replacement device?
We want to make sure that you are without your device for as short a time as possible, so we have a number of options to choose from.
For approved claims made in a Samsung Retail Store, you will be eligible to receive a device swap immediately (depending on store availability). Our staff will help you transfer all the contents of your old device to your new device, and make sure you can walk out ready to go.
For approved claims made over the phone or online, you can choose to receive your new device before you return your damaged device to us*
* We will need a valid security deposit in the form of a credit card
How quickly will my replacement device be shipped to me?
For claims made over the phone or online, you can elect* to receive a replacement device before you return the damaged device to us. This ensures you can transfer across any data (using Samsung Smart Switch, and assuming your device still turns on!) before you return your original device to us.
Once your claim is approved we will send you your replacement device, for next business day delivery (metro areas) or within 2-3 days (regional). Along with your replacement device we will also include a return satchel that will be prepopulated with all the required information.
You will just need to pop your damaged device in to the satchel and drop it off at a local post office, or post box near to you within 7 days.
Do I have to return my damaged device?
Yes. Once you receive your replacement device, the damaged device becomes our property and you are responsible for returning it to us by using the provided packaging. If the malfunctioning/damaged device is not returned within 10 days of receiving your replacement device, you may be charged an unrecovered equipment fee up to the MSRP of the device, not to exceed $1,200. It is your responsibility to make sure that you back-up your data on the device before sending it in.
Is there a limit to the number of claims I can make?
There is a maximum of 2 replacements in a 24 month period for accidental damage claims only.
Who is the provider for accidental damage cover?
Samsung Care's accidental damage cover is provided by Virginia Surety Company, Inc. AFSL 245579.
What can I expect as a replacement device?
The replacement device is a new or reconditioned device of like kind and quality.
What happens when there are no swap out devices available in store?
If there are no swap out devices available in store, we can arrange for a replacement device to be mailed out to you.
Can you make a claim before you purchase Samsung Care?
No. You can only make a claim after you have purchased a Samsung Care cover and the claimable event has to have occurred after you bought the cover (not before). Claims that are made or occur before taking out a cover will not be approved.
What is priority queuing?
As a benefit of purchasing Samsung Care, you have the opportunity to jump towards the front of the queue when visiting a Samsung Retail Store to speak with one of our specially trained staff members who can help you with your questions or problems.
What is premium phone support?
We recognise that you may need more help with setting up your smartphone, some of the more advanced features of your smartphone, or even with the interaction of your smartphone with other Samsung mobile products.
As a benefit of purchasing Samsung Care, you will have access to Samsung experts who are just a phone call away. Just call us on 1300 362 603 and press option 1, followed by option 4.
How do I get premium phone support?
As a benefit of purchasing Samsung Care, you will have access to Samsung experts who are just a phone call away. Just call us on 1300 362 603 and press option 1, followed by option 4.


*If there are multiple Samsung Care customers in the queue, then customers will be served in the order that they arrived at the store.

**Accidental Damage Cover is issued by Virginia Surety Company, Inc (VSC) AFSL 245579 ABN 63 080 339 957. The Accidental Damage Cover is arranged by Samsung as an authorised distributor of VSC. Samsung only provides you with factual information about the Cover and cannot take into consideration your individual needs or circumstances. Before making a decision whether to purchase the Cover you should consider the Product Disclosure Statement.