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Setting up your Galaxy S7 in 11 easy steps

By Samsung Australia,  01.01.2015.

Congratulations on purchasing your shiny new Samsung Galaxy S7! You made a great choice. Now let’s have a look at how to perform the initial setup of your phone, and then we can start exploring some of the Galaxy S7’s unique features and settings.

Let’s get started.

Your Samsung account

Before we do anything else, have you set up your Samsung account? It's not absolutely essential, but it's a really good idea if you're using a Samsung phone.

A Samsung account is a free membership that gives you access to a wide range of Samsung services on all Samsung devices, without you having to sign up for each service separately.

As well as storing key account information such as your personal profile and your purchase history, service profiles, content subscriptions and uploads, your account also gives you access to:

  1. Exclusive offers and perks
  2. Apps and services like Samsung Milk Music, Samsung+, Samsung Pay and Galaxy Apps
  3. World-class customer support
  4. Chances to win free Samsung products
  5. On your Samsung mobile phone, your Samsung account will also allow you to
  6. Use Samsung's Find My Mobile service, which includes a lot of powerful security features functions such as the Lock my device and Wipe my device functions to protect your data
  7. Access Smart Switch, a service, which lets you easily transfer music, clips, photos, messages, contacts and more from your old compatible smartphone to your new Galaxy S7 or S7 edge.

You can also associate your Samsung account with your Google account, which will automatically sync a lot of the information for you.

NOTE: The email address you supply when signing up for your Samsung account will become your Samsung account username. You can only have one Samsung account per device. Some tablet models can have several Samsung accounts signed in at once, but you will only be able to use one account at a time.

android welcome screen

1. First things first – Language

To start with setting up your phone, we'll need to select a language and click Start.

2. Wi-Fi

Now turn on Wi-Fi, click Next, select a network, and select Next.

Turn Wi-Fi on
Samsung Terms & Conditions

3. Terms and Conditions

Familiarise yourself with Samsung's End User Licence Agreement and Privacy Policy, and click Next and then Agree.

4. Have another device?

On this screen, you can connect to your Google account. There are two ways to do this:

1) The first option is Copy Google accounts. This is the way to go if you have an existing compatible mobile device (an NFC-supported Android device, running on Lollipop) with a Google account.

It enables you to automatically transfer your Wi-Fi password, Google account settings and apps from your old phone to your Galaxy S7 without the need to manually sign into your Google account.

Simply select this option, click Next and tap the two devices together.

Copy Google Accounts
Tap Devices together to copy files

The following screen will appear on your old device. Press Next, then Copy.

The following screen will appear on your old device.

Enter your Google account password to continue. (NB: Don't press Skip, or your data won't be copied!)

2. If you don't want to use the Copy Google Accounts option, select No, thanks and click Next.

You will then be prompted to sign in to your Google account, or to create one.

The main benefits of connecting your phone to your Google account are:

  • Access to the Google Play store (you won't be able to download apps without it)
  • The ability to use Android device manager to find your phone if its stolen or lost
  • The ability to back up the data on your phone via your Google account.

5. Set Date & Time

Enter the correct values for your region, and click Next.

6. Add another email address

If want to add another email address, select the Personal (IMAP/POP) option and then click Next. Now enter your email address and follow the setup steps.

Otherwise choose the Not now option and click Next.

7. Set up the fingerprint sensor

Now that you have a new phone you're going to want to protect it. Select the Set up fingerprint option and click Next.

Choose between the PIN, pattern or password options to enhance fingerprint security.

Register your fingerprint by scanning your finger multiple times, and then click Next.

8. Notifications on lock screen

Now you need to choose whether you want notifications to appear on your locked screen or not.

The options available are:

  • Show content, which displays the sender's name and message content of any notifications you receive on your home screen
  • Hide content, which shows the message but without its content, and doesn't show sender's name on home screen
  • Do not show notifications - if you select this option, notifications are not displayed on the home screen, only in the notification menu (or the drag-down bar).

Click Done when finished.

9. Get your apps and data

You can choose from two available options here:

  1. Restore from this backup – this option enables you to select another device, such as your old phone, that has been backed up onto your Google account, and copy your data onto your new phone.
  2. Set up as new device

If setting up as a new device, select all your desired apps from the list, and they will be automatically downloaded from the Google Play store onto your new phone. Then press Next.

Regardless of whether you're upgrading from another Android device or an iPhone/iPad, it's easy to move all your old stuff to your new Galaxy S7 if you have a Samsung account.

And as we discussed earlier, it gives you access to many powerful functions such as the Lock my device and Wipe my device functions in the event you should lose your phone.

Turn on Back up and sync and then click Next to restore data (such as past messages and call history from your old device via your Samsung Account. You will be prompted to choose a device if you have more than one backed up.

Or you can also copy data over from old device using Smart Switch application.

There's a USB connector included in every Galaxy S7 box. Simply connect it from your old phone to your new Galaxy S7 or S7 edge and follow the steps on the Smart Switch website.

10. Easy Mode

Turn on Easy Mode if you want larger app icons and a simplified screen layout, and click Next.

Here are some examples of how your phone may appear with Easy Mode switched on:

11. My KNOX

At this point you'll need to select either Finish or Finish and install.

Finish and install will redirect you to download Samsung's KNOX app from the Google Play store.

This app creates two separate environments within a device: one is a secure environment and another one is regular.

The secure environment will require a password to access content. You can allocate different types of content (for example email address and apps) to the secure KNOX environment during the setup process.

If you didn't go with the option to transfer content via cable previously, the Smart Switch icon will now pop up at the top of your screen. Select Open Smart Switch to now transfer content from your old device.