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Man using the gold Galaxy Note 5

Top 10 Productivity Tips for the Galaxy Note 5

By Samsung,  18.09.2015.

What do you get when you combine a fast and more accurate S Pen with Samsung’s new Octa-Core processor and 4GB of RAM )? A phone designed to be as productive as you are! If on-the-go organisation is your priority, here's what the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can do for you.

Managing your apps and files

The Galaxy Note 5 loves multitasking and file management, and it comes with plenty of built-in productivity features to keep your work moving.

1. Multitasking

With its curved back, comfortable single-handed grip and S Pen shortcuts, the new Samsung Note is built for multitasking. Handling multiple apps at once is simple thanks to 4GB of RAM accompanying the new Octa-Core processor—and multi-window display helps you make the most of the Note 5's 5.7 inch screen and 64-bit hardware. What's more efficient than doing two things at once?

Image of a user multi-tasking on the galaxy note 5

2. Download Booster and free storage

It's not always possible to head back to the office when you need to grab large files. Using your Wi-Fi and mobile data simultaneously, Download Booster lets you download files of over 30MB direct to your Note 5. These are always accessible thanks to pre-loaded Microsoft Office apps and 130GB of free Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage.

3. Sign and send documents

Forget looking for a scanner every time your autograph is needed on a document. The S Pen comes into its own with the Note 5's in-built PDF annotation features. Make notes on drafts, annotate books in PDF form, and sign documents without using complicated third party apps.

Making work easier

With its satisfying click-to-remove mechanism, the Galaxy Note 5's new S Pen designed for better functionality comes bundled with plenty of functions to help streamline your work.

4. Air Command

The essentials are right where you need them with Air Command. This customisable radial menu pops up whenever you detach the stylus, giving you quick access to S Pen apps—and the ability to choose your favourite apps. Air Command is accessible from any screen, and adjustable via Settings > S Pen > Air Command > Shortcuts.

Using air command with the S Pen

5. Write on lock

Quick notes, lists and reminders can be captured seamlessly with 'Write on lock', a feature that works exactly as you'd expect: click out the S Pen and write directly on your screen, without unlocking your phone or navigating to a note-taking app. You can activate this feature by going to Settings S Pen menu Screen off memo enable

6. Scroll capture

Need to save a long email chain, list or article to read later, but a single screenshot won't do the trick? 'Scroll capture' lets you save what appears on your screen—and what's above or below it—as an image in the Gallery app. 1

Boosting productivity

Meet a more productive version of yourself with the S Pen and these exceptional organisation apps on your new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 2.

7. Evernote Widget

Capture random brainwaves while you're waiting for the bus with Evernote. This app is beloved for its ability to archive notes and read-later articles across multiple devices. Evernote Widget lets you access its core features right from your home screen. It's even more efficient with the S Pen, which gives one-touch access to a new note from the home screen.

8. Google Handwriting input

Make the most of the S Pen's accuracy by using it to 'type'. Thanks to the new Google Handwriting Input keyboard, your handwriting—yes, even cursive!—will be recognised and translated into text.

9. Snapseed

Tweaking the photos on your phone is so much simpler with the S Pen in hand, and its accurate tip and true-to-life pressure sensitivity let you do much more than just apply filters. Snapseed is a photo-perfecting app with retouching and perspective adjustment features previously only available on desktop.

10. NewsAce

Curate your trusted news channels in one feed with NewsAce, a multimedia reader that can also catalogue feeds of your favourite podcasts, radio stations and video sources. Make notes along the way with the Note 5's 'Screen write' functionality.

1 Feature may not be compatible with large documents. Evernote, Evernote Widget,

2 Google Handwriting Input, SnapseedTM and NewsAce apps may need to be downloaded. Data, subscription and other charges may apply. Usage may be subject to third party service provider agreements.