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White Galaxy Tab S2

Galaxy Tab S2 Makes Child's Play Out of Kids Entertainment

By Jo Abi,  26.10.2015.

We asked Mamamia Women's Network writer and mother of three, Jo Abi , to review the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. And at first she thought, "Great, something else for the kids to fight over." But it wasn't long before she changed her tune - drastically.

Found: The one device that helps keeps the entire family happy.

I spend so much of my time trying to think ways to keep my kids busy and entertained, just so I can steal away the time I need to get some of my own work done. The problem is that I have two boys aged 11 and seven, and a six-year-old girl. They all like different things, obviously, and constantly squabble when forced to share anything.

A good example of this is when we try to go and see a movie and they each want to see something different. Like a good mum I force them all to see the same movie and bribe them with extra-large popcorns and slushies. Not ideal and not a whole lot of fun.

I just want to see a movie with my kids!

But now there's a new tablet that is perfect for any busy, modern family. And it's totally brilliant. It's called the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and it really is like a life companion, making everything about modern life easier, which is very important because nothing ruins family life more than stress.

Family Profiles

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has everything a busy family could want or need, without the challenges most devices present like safety, security and ease of use. You just set up a separate profile for each family member with photos and all, enter their details and load up their Apps of choice.


Even though my boys play some of the same games, they have fought endlessly over having to share Apps and games. I hear that they have spent each others "gems" or ruined each other's "progress". Now that they have their own unique profiles, that's an argument I won't have to listen to for a while.


Then there's 'Kid's Mode', which allows me to restrict their use and keep my content safe. I don't have to hover over them as they use the tablet or worry that they are going to erase all of my digital books or work emails. It is PIN controlled so only I can access it and make changes to profiles and use.

Usage Timer

Up next there's the timer - which is an absolute godsend. I can set the timer so they don't end up staying on it for hours. Also, as any parent of more than one child knows, it's absolutely imperative that each child gets exactly the same amount of time on the tablet down to the second. It's the same rule with popcorn and ice cream and fish fingers. You have to measure everything out to the last crumb (for crying out loud) so that nobody gets more than anybody else. That's not a problem you'll have with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. The timer automatically sets up a 30 minute countdown for your child which they can clearly see. They can't pretend they haven't seen it or forgot about it.

If only everything was this simple.

Kids Apps

The new Samsung tablet's 'Kid's Mode' also sets up a range of Apps to be in kid-friendly-mode so you don't have to constantly help them, which isn't annoying at all. There are specifically designed Apps that make tablet use easy for my kids including:

  • - ABC Kids iView
  • - Kid's Media
  • - Kid's Voice Recorder
  • - Kid's Drawing
  • - Kid's Music
  • - Kid's Store
  • - Kid's Gallery
  • - Kid's Camera

Getting out of 'Kid's Mode' is easy too, once they are all tucked into bed and I finally get my turn on the tablet (with my mint choc chip ice cream) and a couple of hours stretching before me. I don't need to use a timer. Mum gets as long as she wants.

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