Galaxy Note4

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Designed to give you the Edge

A unique curved screen gives you quick access to frequently used Apps, Alerts and Features at the swipe of your thumb

Edge Design

Notifications at a Glance

We moved your notifications to the edge so you can focus on the task at hand with little disruption or distraction.

  • Extended Pleasure - Edge Screen
  • Extended Pleasure - Quick tools

Design or Detail? Personalise Your Edge

Use Express Me to customise your Galaxy Note Edge, whether for Business, Pleasure, Art or Entertainment.

Personalised Design - Express Me

Amazing Viewing experience

Samsung's premium 5.6 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED (518 PPI) screen gives you a viewing experience in stunning 2560 x 1440 high resolution.
The vivid colours and high contrast display makes web browsing and reading a sensory experience.

  • Premium Screen(Quad HD Super AMOLED Display)
  • Premium Screen(Quad HD Super AMOLED Display) - Web browsing, E - Booking

Great shots from every angle

Don't Fear Taking Shots in the Dark

Take great Low-Light Shots with Advanced Front and Back Cameras.
The 16 megapixel Smart OIS back camera, and 3.7 megapixel front-facing F1.9 lense with Wide Angle Mode lets you fit in more of your friends for the ultimate Selfie! Capture great shots day and night

  • Bright and Clear images with Advanced Camera - F 2.4, F1.9( 60% more light )

  • Bright and Clear images with Advanced Camera - Shake free photos with Smart OIS

    Shake free photos with Smart OIS

The S Pen - Smart Select

The S Pen allows you to select content from your screen and apps, including text and images. Select, Share and Save your mixed media creations*.

* Samsung takes copyright seriously. Only share content you own or have the right to share.

The S Pen - Smart Select

Photo Note

A new way to take notes

Take a photo of your handwritten note with Photo Note and convert your analog notes to digital.
You can edit notes, change colours, and put in additional memos simply by using the S Pen.

Photo Note

Digital Handwriting that Feels Like the Real Thing

Enjoy the precise writing experience of the S Pen's pressure sensitive, pen-like touch and feel.

Productivity at Your Fingertips

Seamless Multitasking

The large screen combined with the S Pen and air command allows you to draw, write, drag & drop, select multiple items or hover for quick info.
The multi-window functionality means you can have more than one window open at once and manage your pop-up screens seamlessly.

Free Flowing and Natural multitasking - Recent App, Split-Window, Pop-up Window

Speed Through Charge Times

The large battery, Ultra Power Saving mode and fast adaptive charging on the Galaxy Note 4 means you'll spend more time out and about and less time chained to a charger. When it comes to recharging, there are no overnight waits either.

  • Fast charging, high capacity
  • Fast charging, high capacity - Ultra power saving mode
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