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Galaxy S5

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Galaxy S5

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Galaxy S5

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an E-Manual and what is it used for?

An E-Manual is an electronic manual built into the TV, it is identical to the paper manual, however, with the added benefit of being interactive.

What is the benefit of having an E-Manual in the TV?

There are 3 main benefits, 1) the manual is available any time, 2) the E-Manual has a quick access index which takes you directly to the page you are looking for, and 3) it has an option "Try now" which takes you directly to where the option is found on the TV so that you can change it if desired.

How do I access the E-Manual on my TV?

Please follow the below steps:-

  1. Press the "Menu" button on the remote control
  2. Press the "Down" navigation arrow key until "Support" is selected
  3. Press the "Enter" key on Support
  4. Press "Enter" on "E-Manual"

You will now be presented with a screen which has 5 categories [Channel], [Basic Features], [Preference], [Advance Features], [other Info]

The default screen will display [Channel] options. At the very bottom there is the "Index" button, the Index will allow you to search for specific key words relating to the TV's functions in an alphabetic order.

Smart TV & the built-in browser

Does the browser on the Smart TV support Java?

As of Firmware 1004.1, the browser does NOT support Java.

Does the browser on the smart TV Support Flash?

Yes, as of firmware 1004.1 the version of flash is

Will flash be upgradable when Adobe releases the next revision?

Yes, it will be upgradable via a firmware update once it's released on the Samsung website.

Does the browser support tabbed browsing?

Yes, the browser supports up to 3 tabs max.

Can PIP be used while simultaneously watching a flash video from YouTube?

No, the TV only supports one video stream at once. As soon as a flash video is playing, PIP will automatically turn off; PIP will turn back on as soon as the flash video has stopped. If the PIP button is pressed during Flash video playback, then it will stop the flash playback and display PIP.

How do I change to an arrow cursor while browsing?

On the remote control their will be a yellow button with the letter 'C'. Pressing this button will toggle from Tab to Arrow cursor and vice versa.

I've opened 3 tabs, how to I switch between them?

On the top right hand corner of the screen, there is a 'windows' Icon which when selected states "Window List". The screen will then display all the tabs which are open, it's then a simple matter of selecting the tab that has the desired webpage, and then confirming by pressing the enter button.

Will the new smart TV's be able to Auto-detect 3D?

Yes, the higher end 2011 models will be able to automatically detect a 3D source and then display the 3D image without the need to manually change the display to 3D, however, 2D to 3D still requires the customer to manually press the 3D button on the remote and then select the 2D to 3D option.

The new Smart TV's have built in Bluetooth, could I connect another Bluetooth device such as a keyboard to use with the browser?

No, Bluetooth is only used for the 3D glasses, and No, keyboards will not work with the TV.

Basic Accessories that come with selected Samsung Smart TV's

What are the basic accessories that come Samsung Smart TV's

Below are the basic accessories that come selected Samsung Smart TV's, this can be found in the user manual. Note: 1 pair of 3D glasses come with some 3D TV's, this however is not listed in the manual.


PC Display modes on selected Samsung Smart TV's

What PC resolutions do Samsung TV's support?

Below are the supported resolutions when connecting a PC to the TV either via VGA or DVI/HDMI connections, this can also be found in the user manual.


Blu-ray Recorders

The BD-E8500 and BD-E8900 have different hard drive capacity, how many hours can each record?

Below are the recording times of each unit along with the size of the hard drive.

BD-E8500: You can record up to Approx. 56 hours of HD video (18 Mbps) on the internal 500GB (gigabyte) hard disk (HDD).

BD-E8900: You can record up to Approx. 112 hours of HD video (18 Mbps) on the internal 1TB (gigabyte) hard disk (HDD).

Are the Blu-ray/DVD/Home theatres region locked?

Yes, Blu-ray units are region locked to region B (Australia), while DVD's are region locked to Region 4 (Australia).

What cable to I need in order to have a 3D image on my 3D TV when connecting a 3D blu-ray player?

You will need a speed cable HDMI 1.4 High.

What file formats does the BD-E8500 support when playing movies from an external hard drive?

The BD-E8500 support many video file formats, below is a list of all the codes and file extensions the unit supports.



Can I still watch normal TV on my 3D TV?

Yes. The 3D capability is a function that you simply switch on and off as desired.

What TV's will play 3D content?

The following 2011 range of TVs support 3D. LED Series 6, 7 and 8. Plasma Series 6 and 8. See the range page for further details.

Is your 3D different to what other TV manufacturers are releasing?

Each manufacturer may choose a different way to apply their 3D format to their TV models. The Samsung 3D TV range will support all major 3D formats.

If a friend has bought another 3D TV brand, can they use their 3D glasses with my Samsung 3D TV?

No. Each manufacturer uses different 3D technology types in their glasses that is matched specifically to their 3D TV. For the optimal viewing experience, Samsung recommends the use of Samsung 3D glasses with its TVs.

Will I be able to watch 3D content on my current Samsung TV?

No. The technology in current Samsung non-3D capable TVs is not able to translate the information from a 3D broadcast or 3D Blu-ray disc.

Can one person watch the TV with glasses in 3D and the others see a normal TV picture?

No. The picture on the screen will be displayed for viewing using Samsung 3D glasses. Anyone viewing the screen without glasses will see a blurry picture.

How does 2D to 3D conversion work?

With a combination of hardware and software, Samsung 3D TVs are able to convert the 2D content in real time that are translated by the glasses as a 3D image.

What is the quality of 2D to 3D conversion vs standard TV and vs 3D TV?

Standard TV is a flat 2D picture that can be watched without the need for 3D glasses. 2D to 3D conversion is a step-up from this where there is “3D-like” depth but when you step up to native 3D content (i.e. 3D Blu-ray disc), you will see the full depth of 3D that is almost life-like to reach out and touch.

Can I watch 3D broadcast in 2D?

Yes. Samsung 3D TVs have the ability to convert 3D content back into 2D. This may be useful in situations where you can't locate your 3D glasses or there are not enough 3D glasses for everyone watching the show etc.

What are the best viewing conditions for 3D TV in my home?

Certain conditions in your home may affect the normal operation of your 3D TV and glasses when in 3D mode. Direct sunlight and some devices that emit IR frequencies (e.g. fluorescent lights) may interfere and cause your glasses to see “flicker”. To alleviate this, Samsung recommends you block sources of direct sunlight and switch off fluorescent lights in the vicinity of your TV. External devices with IR frequencies will not affect standard 2D viewing.

What content is available if I buy a 3D TV tomorrow?

3D content is growing at a rapid rate. All major movie studios are committed to producing 3D movies and through the course of the year there will be an increase in available 3D content. A number of the major broadcasters are also looking at transmitting shows in 3D which a Samsung 3D TV will be able to receive. Samsung also has an exclusive worldwide agreement with Dreamworks Studios who will be producing content specifically for Samsung customers.

I own a gaming console. Will I be able to play 3D content on it?

Yes. With the 2D to 3D conversion in Samsung 3D TVs, you will be able to convert your current games and play them real-time in 3D. Many of the gaming studios are also developing/releasing native 3D games. Note: your gaming console must be connected to the TV by HDMI in order to use native 3D games.

How can I play 3D content without having to buy a new 3D Blu-ray player?

Unfortunately, existing Blu-ray players will not be able to play 3D Blu-ray discs. However, using the 2D to 3D convertor on your Samsung 3D TV, you will be able to convert standard 2D Blu-ray/DVD discs into 3D. In order to play native 3D Blu-ray discs, you will require a Samsung 3D Blu-ray player that features HDMI ver 1.4. Note: Samsung 3D TVs are fully compatible to work with most 3D devices.

I wear glasses. How do the 3D glasses fit over my existing glasses? What is the viewing experience like then?

If you wear glasses, the Samsung 3D glasses will fit over your current glasses and the viewing experience will be the same as anyone who does not wear glasses. Some people with a vision impairment may experience problems seeing a 3D picture.

At what angles can I view content? Does this differ by LED/LCD/Plasma?

With the use of Samsung 3D glasses the maximum viewing angle is around 120 degrees. This applies to all models across LED, LCD and Plasma.

How many glasses do I receive with the TV when I buy it?

Glasses are not included. Glasses sold separately.

Do the glasses wear out?

There may be some wear and tear from everyday use, however, the main area of wear is the batteries which can be easily be replaced as needed according to the amount of use.

Do I have to clean them like my normal glasses and if so what cleaning solution do I use?

You clean these glasses like any normal pair of glasses. Samsung recommends to use the cleaning cloth supplied with your 3D glasses. As there are electronic components in the glasses, do not wet the glasses with water or any other fluid.

What are the potential risks associated with watching 3D TV?

For information on viewing in 3D mode click here.

I got a bit dizzy watching 3D movies at the cinema. Will I feel the same way watching 3D TV?

All people respond differently to this type of technology. Dizziness is caused by “cross-talk” where the left and right images blend together making it difficult to interpret. Samsung has worked hard to create algorithms that minimise the amount of cross-talk in order to reduce potential dizziness to viewers. If you do experience dizziness, Samsung recommends you stop watching and rest or remove the glasses and resume normal 2D viewing.

Samsung takes copyright seriously. Samsung's Personal Video Recorders and streaming content from your TV to compatible devices are intended only for private and domestic use by a person to enable them to watch or listen to a television broadcast at a time more convenient than the time when the broadcast is made. Any other use of a Samsung Personal Video Recorder may be contrary to the law, including copyright law. Samsung does not authorise, sanction, approve or countenance any use of its Personal Video Recorders, or any other feature or any other product or service that infringes copyright or is otherwise contrary to law.