Canister with Anti-Tangle Turbine (SC15K4170VP)

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Helps prevent hairs from clogging the bristle*

Anti-Tangle Turbine and cleaning head

Enjoy easy maintenance with the Anti-Tangle tool that helps prevent pet hairs from clogging as the air-flow structure pushes dirt or debris directly into the dustbin. This helps maintain excellent pick-up and cleaning performance while reducing the hassle of removing tangled hair by hand.


*Based on internal testing. Tested at the brush head using a mix of hair and pet hair on floor.

Easy to manoeuver

With a compact design that's easy to move around, it weighs just under 5kgs that helps you clean with less effort.

Light and easy to use

Dust and Allergen Filtration

Dust and Allergen Filtration helps minimize dust and allergens escaping back into your home - approved by SLG and British Allergy Foundation (BAF)

Breathe clean air - Dust and Allergen Filtration

Hassle-free dustbin cleaning

Now its easy to empty the dustbin without getting your hands dirty.Simply detach it with the push of a button, twist to open the cover, tip the contents directly into the trash can and effortlessly pop it back. - all this without having to touch the lid!

Easy to empty and clean for fast, safe dust disposal

Minimizes damage to furniture

A protective, S-shaped bumper acts as a Furniture Guard and helps prevent damage by scratches, dents or marksif you accidentally bump into your furniture or walls. It also helps to stop it from getting stuck in corners or edges, so you can move around easily.

Protects furniture from scratches

Easy to clean washable filter

A simple, sponge type foam filter captures dust and can be easily washed and cleaned. A quick rinse is all it takes to reduce clogging and help maintain suction power.†

Easy to clean washable filter

†Based on internal data. Regular filter washing is required for optimal performance.

  • 1.3ℓ Dust Bin Capacity
  • 1500W Consumption Power
  • 265x314x436mm Net Dimensions
  • 7m Power Cord Length

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