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TV technology changes every year. Samsung Smart Evolution allows you to upgrade your Smart TV without having to buy a new set. Compatible 2012 models can be updated now or in the future with the latest Smart TV features. And compatible 2013 models have the ability to be updated later to enhance your entertainment experience. With Smart Evolution, you’ll never get left behind again.

2012 TVs: Evolutionary capability

The Samsung Evolution Kit upgrades compatible 2012 Smart TVs with most of the same features as 2013 models.

  • Evolution Kit Upgrades

    • Discover more of the content you’ll love with the new 2013 Smart Hub and S Recommendation.
    • Get enhanced performance and functionality with the 2013 Smart TV’s Quad Core Processor.
    • Control your Smart TV in new ways with enhanced Smart Interaction and Smart Touch Control features.

    Full Feature List Full Feature List

    2013 Comptabile TVs (No Kit)Upgradeable Features
    Smart InteractionUpgraded Voice Control with new commandsNOYES
    Upgraded Motion Control wiht new gestures, including two-hands actionNOYES*
    Smart Hub2013 UI2013 UI (5 Panels)
    Multimedia Picture QualityHVEC codecNOYES
    Web Content Picture EnhancementNOYES
    CPUDual Core (1.0 GHz)Quad Core (1.3 GHz)
    GPU400 MHz500 MHz
    Memory1 GB SDR1.5 GB DDR
    Flash2 GB NAND4 GB NAND

The Samsung Evolution Kit may not support certain features offered by 2013 F series Smart TVs due to hardware limitations (e.g., Screen Mirroring). Additionally, when upgrading from the 2012 to 2013 Smart Hub, the Kit may not support certain previously installed apps. Please visit www.samsung.com/sek-1000za for a full list of non-compatible Samsung Apps. For additional questions or concerns, please contact 1-800-SAMSUNG.

*Select models may require accessory camera, sold separately.

2012 TVs: Evolutionary performance

The Samsung Evolution Kit easily plugs into the back of compatible 2012 Smart TVs to provide enhanced performance and features, including a completely redesigned Smart Hub, so you don’t get left behind.

The Evolution Kit includes the Smart Touch Control, a new way to interact with your 2012 Smart TV.

The Evolution Kit is easy to install. Just plug the kit into the port on the back of your compatible 2012 Smart TV.

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Compatible Smart TVs

Discover whether your current Smart TV is compatible with the Samsung Evolution Kit.

2012 SMART TVs Currently upgradable

  • PN51E7000FFXZA*
  • PN51E8000GFXZA
  • PN60E7000FFXZA*
  • PN60E8000GFXZA
  • PN64E7000FFXZA*
  • PN64E8000GFXZA
  • UN46ES7500FXZA
  • UN46ES8000FXZA
  • UN55ES7500FXZA
  • UN55ES7550FXZA
  • UN55ES8000FXZA
  • UN60ES7500FXZA
  • UN60ES8000FXZA
  • UN65ES8000FXZA
  • UN75ES9000FXZA

2013 SMART TVs Upgradable in the future

  • PN51F8500AFXZA
  • PN60F8500AFXZA
  • PN64F8500AFXZA
  • UN46F8000BFXZA
  • UN55F8000BFXZA
  • UN60F8000BFXZA
  • UN65F8000BFXZA
  • UN75F8000BFXZA
  • UN46F7500AFXZA
  • UN55F7500AFXZA
  • UN60F7500AFXZA
  • UN46F7450AFXZA
  • UN55F7450AFXZA
  • UN60F7450AFXZA

*Not Smart Interaction-capable.

Samsung Smart Evolution


The Evolution Kit upgrades your compatible 2012 Smart TV and comes with a new Smart Touch Control.

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Compatible 2013 Smart TVs are equipped with Smart Evolution technology so you don’t get left behind as Smart TV technology continues to advance.

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