Take back & recycling programs

Global Compliance Scheme

After the WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) directive became effective in Europe from 2005, governments in Asia and America have become increasingly interested in developing recycling law and recycling systems for proper collection, treatment and recycling of electronic waste.

Samsung Electronics has established take back systems to comply with the requirements of recycling laws where they exist. The company closely works with governments and industry associations to develop most effective take back systems and meet its obligations.

Voluntary Programs

Samsung Electronics is developing numerous voluntary take back programs to take responsibility for its products at the end of their long working lives, regardless of legal requirements in place. This responsibility includes ensuring that all collected products are recycled in the most efficient way to minimize the volume of unrecoverable materials and maximize the usable materials

Samsung Recycling Direct


Beginning October 1st, 2008, people are able to drop off their Samsung-branded consumer electronics at convenient collection sites and events, including a network of permanent drop-off centers covering all 50 states.
Visit website www.samsung.com/recyclingdirect


Launched in 2009, a Canada-wide recycling program, partnered with Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP), accepts Samsung-branded consumer electronics at fixed collection points across the country for recycling, free of charge.
Visit website http://pages.samsung.com/ca/green/en/locations.html


Beginning August 31, 2010, Samsung take back program India has been initiated to provide take back solutions to consumers. Consumers can dispose of portable products at Samsung service center network or use drop-off locations for larger products across 21 cities in India.
Visit website www.samsung.com/in/samsungrecycle

STAR programme for printer toner cartridges

Launched in 2005, the STAR (Samsung Take-back And Recycling) program was created to ensure proper recycling of every returned unit. All returned cartridges are recycled back into useful materials, which then go on to become new products again. Any parts that cannot be recycled are treated and disposed of in a way that causes minimal environmental impact. Visit website www.samsung.com/printer/star/

Take-back service for mobile phones and portable products

Samsung offers free take back and recycling services for consumers around the world. Consumers can dispose of old portable products on recycling boxes available at Samsung service center network.
Visit website http://www.samsung.com/uk/mobile/green-management