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Discover how Samsung devices work together, keeping you in sync with what matters. Start scrolling to explore.

Share your life.

Sync your Samsung devices to seamlessly share your favorite
videos, photos, music, and more.

Connect & share content between your devices. AllShare Play

AllShare Play is an App that lets you share select videos, music, and photos across your connected Smartphone, Galaxy Tab, PC, and Smart TV. It works over your Wi-Fi® network. (When you're on the go, you can use it with your mobile device over the web.)

Samsung Mobile
Get started
  • Launch the App on your device
Samsung Mobile
Select content
  • Select the device you want to share content from
  • Select the video, music or photo you want to share
Samsung Mobile/TV
  • Pull content onto your device
  • Or push content to a another device

Control your life.

Use your synched Samsung devices to gain complete control of the content you love.

Use your Smartphone like a remote
Mirror the picture on your mobile device
Extend your living room
Control your world. Smart View
Can’t find the remote? Use your Smartphone to change the channel or turn up the volume. Smart View is a handy app that gives you new ways to control your devices. You can even mirror your favorite show to your mobile device. Samsung devices synch up to the way you live.

Connect & control your devices. Smart View

Smart View is an App that lets you control your TV with your mobile device. It works over your Wi-Fi® network. Just launch the App on your mobile device to get started.

Samsung Mobile
Use your mobile device like a remote control
  • Turn the TV on and off
  • Control the volume
  • Change the channel and more
Samsung TV
Mirror the picture

Select Dual View option to stream live TV right to your mobile device.

Simplify your life.

Spend more time doing what you love and less time worrying about the little things when you sync your Samsung devices.

the washer remotely
Live freely. Smart Control
Have a little fun doing the laundry. Smart Control connects your devices together in ways that simplify your life. That way, you can have more freedom to do the things you want to do. Spend more time playing with family and friends, and less time worrying about the laundry.

Connect & simplify your life. Smart Control

Smart Control is an App that gives you more ways to control your devices so you can make life a little simpler. Just connect the washer to your Wi-Fi Network at home, launch the App on your mobile device, and you're in control.

Samsung Mobile
Control your washer remotely
  • Start washer
  • Select cycles
  • Monitor progress
  • Get notifications

Keep in mind, if you're on-the-go, data rates may apply to your mobile device.

Smart Control is a new feature that will be available later in the year. stay tuned for additional information.

Connect your life.

See how Samsung devices help you capture, share, and save your favorite life moments.

Seamless connections. Creative Living
Want to get the whole gang in the picture? Use your Smartphone to control your Smart Camera remotely. When you get home, the moment is instantly backed up on your PC. You can even print it out wirelessly. When devices play together nicely, you're free to get a little more creative.
Use the Remote Viewfinder on your Smartphone to control your Smart Camera.
Play. Create. Snap.
Take a snapshot of the whole gang remotely.
Create. Snap. Save.
Automatically back up your photos on your pc.
Snap. Save. Print.
Print it out wirelessly over your Wi-Fi network.

Connect & get creative. Remote Viewfinder, Auto Backup, Wireless Printing

Samsung Mobile
Control your Smart Camera with your phone: Remote Viewfinder
  • Switch on the Wi-Fi setting on your camera
  • Launch Remote Viewfinder on your mobile device
  • Control the Zoom, ISO setting, flash and more
Samsung Mobile
Back up your photos instantly
to your PC: Auto Backup
  • Switch on the Wi-Fi setting on your Smart Phone
  • Make sure your PC is switched on
  • Select back up
Samsung Mobile/TV
Print via Wi-Fi: Wireless Printing
  • Connect a Samsung printer to your wireless network
  • Select the printer on your PC and print

Are you in sync?

Experience the freedom of life in sync with Samsung devices.
Discover the next big thing.
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