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With super-smart features designed
for the way you live, our home
appliances help you ace everything
life throws at you.

Bring it home


Beyond cool

Discover refrigerators that can handle anything—and look amazing in your kitchen.

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Cook without limits

They’re designed to make life easier—and look smoking hot. With so many different types of Samsung ranges, there's nothing you can't do.



Much more than microwaves

Go far beyond mere microwaving. No one will believe your microwave made something so delicious.

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Shine on

Samsung is reinventing dishwashing—one sparkling load at a time. You’ll be amazed by what our dishwashers can do.

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Look forward to laundry day

Welcome to a world where clothes get cleaner, faster, in ways that
are easier than ever—and no sock is left behind.

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Just add laundry

Forgot a sock? No need to do an extra load. Just conveniently add in forgotten laundry through the AddWash™ door. It’s that simple.

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Easy pre-treating

The built-in sink lets you pre-treat and pre-soak your clothes with ease, while the new integrated control panel gives it a sleek, contemporary design.

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Vacuums with smarts

The POWERbot tackles every surface with powerful suction. Using Visionary Mapping™, your vacuum knows where to turn and what to dodge—creating the best and most efficient cleaning path. Even better: You can control it with your smartphone.

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