Can I change the Wallpaper shown on my Samsung Galaxy Note® II?

Choose what you see on the Home screen (behind your shortcuts and widgets) and what you see on your device's lock screen.

  • Changing the Wallpaper
    1. From the Home screen, touch Menu  > Set wallpaper.
    2. Select Home screen, Lock screen, or Home and lock screens, and choose from:
      • Gallery: Select a wallpaper from photos you have taken with your camera or uploaded to your device.
        Note: If you select a wallpaper from Gallery, select a photo, and then quickly double-touch Crop picture. Crop the photo to the size you prefer, then touch Done.
      • Live wallpapers: Select an animated wallpaper. Not available if Lock screen is selected.
        Note: Using animated Live wallpapers can deplete your battery faster than photo wallpapers.
      • Photos: Select a wallpaper from photos stored in Google™ Photos. Available only when Home screen is selected.
      • Wallpapers: Select from many still-life preloaded and downloaded wallpapers.
    3. Select a wallpaper, and touch Done or Set wallpaper.

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