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Samsung Galaxy phones come with a wide range of useful apps, many of which are made exclusively for Samsung devices. There’s a virtual assistant, a virtual wallet, cloud storage, even programs to help you get in shape! We also have an app that can teach you about your product as well as help you troubleshoot it. Some of these apps are also available on Samsung tablets.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider, software version, and phone model. 


Your very own virtual assistant, Bixby is at your service. Whether Bixby's reminding you about an appointment or identifying landmarks, Bixby is always there to help with your everyday needs. Go on, say a command and start getting things done the easy way.

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Samsung Wallet

There's a reason Samsung Wallet is the most accepted mobile payment. With it, you can enjoy a streamlined payment process, exclusive deals, and rewards. Samsung Wallet also lets you conveniently keep all your cards (including gift and membership) in one place for easy access.

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Samsung Cloud

With Samsung Cloud, you don't have to worry about losing your data on a lost, stolen, or damaged Galaxy device. You'll be able to back up, sync, and restore data across all your Galaxy devices.

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Samsung Health

If you’re training for a marathon or want to go for a casual run, you can keep track of it with Samsung Health. It lets you track your daily activities, meals, and more. Measure your heart rate after a good workout, set goals for yourself, and even speak to a doctor with the virtual consultation feature.

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Galaxy Wearable

The Galaxy Wearable app lets you connect your Galaxy watch or other wearables to your phone. Streaming music, receiving notifications, and downloading workout information are just a few of the benefits of connecting with Galaxy Wearable. 

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Samsung Pass

Imagine not having to enter your password every time you need to log in. Samsung Pass uses biometric data like your fingerprint or iris to authenticate your identity. No more memorizing all those different IDs and passwords for each site.

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Samsung Members

When you want instant access to specs, features, support information, and other helpful content, Samsung Members is the app you need. In Samsung Members, you'll also find diagnostics along with engaging articles to help you make the most of your Samsung experience.

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Secure Folder

Keep your personal information private with Secure Folder. It creates a secure, encrypted space on your phone that no one can access without a special PIN. It's all thanks to the overlapping defense and security platform, Samsung Knox.

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Shop Samsung

Shop Samsung is the best way to find exclusive offers on products such as phones, tablets, wearable devices, TVs, and more. Plus, you’ll receive personalized recommendations and product announcements, as well as earn points for your purchases.

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