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User Manual (TracFone SCH-R335C English Man) (ver.F10)
Oct 22, 2010 ENGLISH 0.88 pdf Email
User Manual (TracFone SCH-R335C Spanish Man) (ver.F10)
Oct 22, 2010 SPANISH 0.87 pdf Email

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  • Samsung Protection Plus Mobile Elite - Mobile Devices

    Purchasing a Samsung Protection Plus Mobile Elite plan helps cover your Samsung device in case of accidents. Watch this video and visit to learn more. [How-To Video]

  • How do I use Airplane mode?

    FAA regulations require you to turn off your device or set it to Airplane mode for the duration of your flight. The Airplane mode feature turns off your device's connection to your mobile service provider as well as your device's Wi-Fi ® feature. To use Wi-Fi, you will need to turn it back on [FAQs]

  • How do I turn off iMessage on my old iPhone before I switch to my new Samsung device?

    How Do I use iMessage after switching from Apple® iOS to Samsung Android™ After using Samsung Smart Switch to switch from Apple® iOS to Samsung Android™, previous conversations that took place over iMessage® can no longer be replied to and new messages from peers are not received by the [FAQs]

  • How do I sustain my Android battery life?

    Manage Battery Life The android devices are enabled with advanced features that consume more battery power. No user is the same. Battery power can drain over time based on user preference. Every phone that Samsung manufactures has a specified talk time and a specified standby time. Standby: [FAQs]

  • How do I access voicemail?

    To access your voicemail: From the Home screen, touch Phone Phone Icon > Keypad. Touch and hold the number 1 or, if available, touch Voicemail Icon . The Airplane Mode Icon icon is displayed at the top of your screen when you have a voicemail. Important! Your voicemail and password should [FAQs]

  • How do I reject an incoming call?

    When receiving an incoming call on your mobile device, you can reject the call and send it to voicemail by touching and sliding End Reject Call Icon in any direction. Important! This option may not be available on all devices. Please consult your device's user manual to verify that the option [FAQs]

  • How do I connect my mobile device to my TV using an HDMI® cable?

    Your mobile device can connect to your HDTV or monitor by using the Samsung HDTV Smart Adapter, available for purchase separately on the Samsung Accessories page. The HDTV adapter lets you view videos and other media stored on your device via a standard HDMI ® (Type A) connection; an HDMI cable [FAQs]

  • How do I connect to DLNA® enabled devices (nearby devices)?

    Your device can connect to and share media with DLNA ® enabled devices, such as TVs and projectors. Your device can also connect to and play media from your device to DLNA enabled devices. The nearby devices (or Nearby devices tab) will not display if no devices are detected. You must also be [FAQs]

  • How do I copy, paste, search, and share text?

    You can copy and paste text in many applications. In this section, we will review copying text in a browser. The options available when selecting text may vary in other applications. Important! This option may not be available on all devices. Please consult your device's user manual to verify [FAQs]

  • What is the notification light, and what do the colors mean?

    Your mobile device has an LED indicator in the top-left corner on the front of your device. When your screen is off, the LED indicator notifies you of missed notifications, low battery, when the device is charging, or when you are voice recording. Important! This option may not be available on [FAQs]

  • Where can I find the International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI)?

    International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers have one principal purpose: to identify mobile devices on a cellular network. Their secondary purpose is to prevent theft. If a mobile device can be universally identified, a thief cannot change the SIM card on the device and expect to keep [FAQs]

  • How do I play a video?

    Your mobile device can play videos in the following formats: 3G2, 3GP, AVI, DivX®, FLV, H.263, H.264, MKV, MPEG4, VC-1, VP8, and WMV (asf). For device specific formats, please view the device's support page at Samsung Support Play Videos From the Home screen, touch Apps App Icon . Touch [FAQs]

  • How do I start my device in Safe mode?

    You can boot up your device in Safe mode to troubleshoot whether added applications are causing problems, such as reboots, slowdowns, crashes, battery drain, or overheating. Safe mode will load only basic system software, and will disable third-party applications. Turn On Safe Mode Power off [FAQs]

  • How do I print from my device?

    The print function, available as a menu option within some applications, lets you print directly from the device to a printer on the same Wi-Fi ® network, over Wi-Fi Direct ® , or via USB cable. Printing From a compatible app such as the Gallery, select an image. Touch More options More [FAQs]

  • Where can I find support for Samsung Hub?

    Samsung Hub ™ Samsung Hub is a marketplace designed to provide access to a variety of mobile content, such as games, books, music, and videos. Samsung Hub works in conjunction with your Samsung account, so all purchases of content are linked to the Samsung account you signed into on your [FAQs]

  • Why is Samsung Music no longer working?

    Samsung Music Samsung strives to deliver great content experiences on Galaxy mobile devices and we’re constantly working to make those experiences enriching for our consumers. In order to meet rapidly changing consumer needs, a plan for Samsung Music is in process. When the app is opened on or [FAQs]

  • Why is Samsung Books no longer working?

    Samsung Books Samsung strives to deliver great content experiences on Galaxy mobile devices, and we’re constantly working to make that experience unique and enriching for our consumers. As part of our ongoing strategy, we will be phasing out Samsung Books. Samsung is committed to offering [FAQs]

  • How do I Import Music from my Computeror Samsung Device into Kies 3?

    Import Music You can import music stored on your computer into your Kies 3 library. Import Music Files Click Music below Library in the left panel. Click below Library in the left panel Click Add Music at the top of the Music library screen. Browse to the location of the music you want [FAQs]

  • How do I Sync my Outlook® or Mac® Address Book Contacts to my device using Kies 3?

    Sync Contacts with Your Computer You can sync the contacts between your computer and your device. You can sync contacts to Microsoft ® Outlook ® or to the Address Book on a Mac ® . Note: Only contacts saved locally on your device will be synchronized with your computer. Contacts synchronized [FAQs]

  • How do I Update the Kies 3 program?

    Updating the Kies 3 Application From time to time, Samsung will release updates to the Kies 3 application. These updates add support for new devices, contain bug fixes, and introduce new features. To check for updates to the Kies 3 application, click Information > Check for updates (when using [FAQs]

  • How do I Manage Music Information (ID3 tags) using Kies 3?

    ID3 Tags (Song Info) You can add and manage ID3 tags for each of your songs using Windows ® Explorer. Note: For support using Kies 2.6, please click here. [FAQs]

  • How do I View and Manage Samsung Story Albums with Kies 3?

    Samsung Story Album Kies 3 provides you with access to view story albums stored on your device. Note: This feature is available only for Windows ® . Installing Samsung Content Viewer Samsung Content Viewer is not installed on your computer until you request it. To install Samsung Content [FAQs]

  • How do I Uninstall Kies 3?

    Uninstalling Kies 3 It may be necessary to update Kies 3 or reinstall the application. We recommend you completely uninstall the application and reinstall the latest version from the web. Uninstall Kies for Windows ® Use the following steps to uninstall Kies for Windows. Disconnect the USB [FAQs]

  • How do I Download and Install Kies 3?

    Download and Install Kies 3 You can download Kies 3 for free from the Samsung Kies website. Kies 3 is available for Windows ® and Mac ® . Install on Windows Open the Samsung Kies website. Click the DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS button, and then click the DOWNLOAD KIES 3 button. Depending on your [FAQs]

  • How do I Upgrade the Firmware for my device using Kies 3?

    Upgrade Firmware Important!: Visit and locate your specific device for detailed upgrade instructions. An update may not be available for your device due to wireless-service-provider limitations, lack of update, or unsupported models. Connect your device to your [FAQs]

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