What should I do when water drips from the ice chute?

Last Update date : Oct 28. 2021

If you find water dripping from the ice chute, please check the following and contact a Samsung service center.

What is an ice chute?

The ice chute is the passage through which ice falls into the dispenser. When the ice lever is pressed, the entrance to the ice chute is opened, and the ice from the ice maker passes through the ice chute and falls out of the dispenser.

refrigerator ice chute

Cause of water dripping from the ice chute

  • The hole in the ice chute (the entrance connected to the dispenser) is slightly exposed to the room temperature, which may cause moisture to from inside the ice chute.
  • Ice debris from the ice maker may melt due to frequent door opening or opening and closing of the dispenser, thereby causing moisture to form on the ice chute.


When ice is dispensed, especially crushed ice, the refrigerator may experience residual ice in the ice chute. When the residual ice melts, it appears as if it were a leak from the water dispenser. To avoid this, keep the ice chute free of residual ice. Dispensing some cubed ice after getting crushed ice will help clear out the chute as well.

If the ice chute is free of residual ice, but a steady stream of water continues to dispense along with the ice, please contact a Samsung service center. 

solution for ice chute water dripping

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