How do I control the Galaxy Fitⓔ’s screen?

Last Update date : Oct 30. 2020
1 To turn on the screen, raise the Galaxy Fitⓔ on your wrist. The screen will automatically turn off if the Galaxy Fitⓔ is not used for a specified period.
Galaxy Fit e Screen


You can also set the Galaxy Fitⓔ to turn the screen on by tapping it twice. Launch the Galaxy Wearable app on your mobile device, tap Home → Advanced → Screen wake-up → Double tap.

2 You can move to another page by tapping the screen with your finger. The Galaxy Fitⓔ recognises taps well when you tap the same position shown in the figure below.
Galaxy Fit e Screen

• Do not allow the screen to come into contact with other electronic devices. Electrostatic discharges can cause the screen to malfunction.

• To avoid damaging the screen, do not tap it with anything sharp.

• It is recommended not to use fixed graphics on part or all of the screen for extended periods. Doing so may result in afterimages (screen burn-in) or   ghosting.

• The screen works well when you tap the screen. Because the screen is not a touchscreen, your swipes do not work.

• It is recommended to use fingers when you use the screen.

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