What is Smart relay feature of Smart Gear?

Last Update date : Oct 09. 2020

What is Smart relay feature of Smart Gear ?





When you recieve a notification, pick up the connected mobile device with the hand wearing the device. The mobile device shows the details. If the mobile device is locked, you must enter the unlock code first. To use smart relay, enable motion on your mobilke device.


NOTE 1 : How to set Smart relay

On your Note 3 device via the ome screen tap ''Apps'' , then '' Gear Manager"

  1. In the Gear Manager screen, select "Settings" then
  2. Select "Smart relay"

NOTE 2 : Before using this feature, make sure that the motion feature of the mobile device is activated.

On your home screen tap "Apps", then "Settings", then "Controls". Scroll down to "Motions" and drag the bar to the right this setting.

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