Where are the main parts of my Galaxy Fitⓔ device located (Sensors, Charging contacts, etc)?

Last Update date : Oct 30. 2020

• Ensure that the band is kept clean. Contact with contaminants, such as dust and dye, can cause stains on the band that may not be fully removed.

• Do not insert sharp objects into the pressure vent. Inner components of the Galaxy Fitⓔ may be damaged along with the water-resistance feature.

• If you use the device with its glass or acrylic body broken, there may be a risk of injury. Use
the device only after it has been repaired at a Samsung Service Centre.

• The pressure vent ensures that the Galaxy Fitⓔ’s inner parts and sensors work correctly when you use the Galaxy Fitⓔ in environments where
the atmospheric pressure changes.

1 Front view of device
Galaxy Fit e Parts
2 Back view of device
Galaxy Fit e Parts

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