How do I add Music files to the EmoDio playlist?

Last Update Date : Apr 20. 2018


Refer to this article to figure out what is Emodio

EmoDio is the PC application for Samsung the MP3 Player.

Main feature of EmoDio

 EmoDio has the following outstanding features:

       New Born EmoDio

Emodio is a newly released file transfer program which replaces Samsung Media Studio. We have applied new display designs that maintain product customization UI and identity.

 TTS(Text to Speech) service offer

Through TTS(Text to Speech), converting text to voice file, service, you can convert text from Datacast or directly type text to mp3 file.

 Album Art auto input and album manage.

You can manage songs classified by album through auto album art input service related to free or purchased music.

 Multitasking Support

You can work easily work with the multitasking service that handles various jobs at the same time.

Community site Support (

 You can use other user's various contents via community site.

      Automatic display of functions needed for each music area.

The application automatically shows the functions needed for each of the music areas such as My PC, Store, My Album, CD, and Portable Device, and thus confusion on the user's part is minimized.

     Analyzing the user's musical preferences and   recommending music tracks online.

Styles of music files on the user's PC are analyzed and the result is used for various customized services including the recommendation of online public albums that match the user's musical preferences.

Dynamic albums allow the user to enjoy customized albums with dynamic
   3D effects.

You can play music from various albums in My Album and enjoy accompanying 3D effects.

     User-friendly interface

User-friendly 3D graphic icons and dynamic albums make using EmoDio fun and easy.

     Easy file transfers with drag and drop.

The source area containing original files, and the target area to which, the files are to be transferred, are visually distinguished. Various functions like copying, ripping, buying, and making CDs can be executed quickly and easily with simple drag and drop controls.

     Easy format conversion of video and picture files.

Video and picture files are easily converted to formats suitable for the user's portable device.

     My PC Area

This area appears when you click the [My PC] button on the navigation panel.
The main panel shows a variety of information such as type, Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Time, Theme, Rating, Play Count, Last Played and Added Date for each file.


CD Area

This area appears when you click the [CD] button on the navigation panel.
 You can browse an audio or data CD with EmoDio. Note that only audio files and mp3 files are recognized. When you insert an audio CD into the CD-ROM drive of the PC, the application will automatically connect to
Gracenote and retrieve information on the files in the CD. You can transfer the files to My PC, Playlists or a portable device.


 When there are multiple CDs, a CD list appears first. Double-clicking a CD displays its file list.
 Click the [Eject] button at the bottom of the screen to eject the CD.
  The [
Eject] button also appears on the CD list when there are multiple CDs.

Playlists Area

This area appears when you click the [Playlists] button on the navigation panel.
In Playlists, you can view a variety of information such as Album Type (Theme Album, Auto Album, My Album), Image, Title, File Count, Rating and Last Played date. You can create new albums or convert existing albums into the Dynamic Mode. Also, you can use the created albums to make audio CDs or  mp3 CDs and transfer their content to a portable device.


Refer to this article to add music files to add Music files to the EmoDio playlist

 Adding tracks to Playlists

You can use the transfer control panel to add tracks to Playlists.


     To add tracks to Playlists:

1.  Click the [Playlists] button on the transfer control panel.

The albums will appear on the transfer sub-panel.

2.  Double-click an album from album list on the transfer sub-panel.

3.  From the My PC area in the main panel, select tracks to add to the album.

You can add tracks from My PC or CD areas to Playlists.

4.  Click the [] button.

5. You can enjoy your albums in Playlists area.

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