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Instagram filters for any occasion.

It’s hard to imagine a world without Instagram. It’s also hard to believe that it’s only been around since 2010, considering how deeply embedded it is into both our language and digital lives.

Obviously words like ‘hashtag’, ‘selfie’ and phrases like ‘no filter’ existed before Instagram, but now they have become just as everyday as the app itself.

The app is such a big part of daily life that we’ve partnered with Instagram to give you 'Instagram Mode’ inbuilt into the camera app of the new Galaxy S10 and S10+ phones.

That means you can have the same hashtags, stickers, editing tools and all important filters without having to leave your phone’s camera app. It also means sharing your selfies, stories and Insta-friendly food pics is now easier than ever before.

To give you a running start with all the budding amateur photography you’ll be taking, we’ve broken down some of the most interesting Instagram filters to use, and the best scenarios to use them in.



This filter is high contrast, which means it makes the light colours brighter and the darker colours deeper. That means it’s the perfect filter for when you’re taking pictures of natural scenery. For example, it’s ideal if you’ve been on a nice weekend beach walk and wanted to accentuate the colours of your landscape shot.


The Juno filter has high saturation and warmth, which means the colours appear more vivid and glowing than usual. This makes it perfect for getting those summertime shots dazzling, like when you’re at a friend’s barbecue or a family picnic. Try using it on sunrises and sunsets too to make them radiate with beauty and colour.



Gingham goes the opposite way to the previous two filters and gives a more faded, vintage look to your pictures. It’s ideal for situations you want to give a retro, classic feel to like street photography. Shoot an old-fashioned shop front or cobbled street, or turn your hand to taking pictures of antique cars.


X-Pro II

X-Pro II is the filter with the highest contrast out of any of them, which means it’s not great for low light photography, but is fantastic for making your shots feel dramatic. It’s also great for accentuating any interesting lighting going on in your pictures, so would be the best filter for when you want to get a professional looking snap of a musician or actor on stage.



The Lo-Fi filter aims to replicate the old polaroid photographic style and is another high contrast and warm coloured filter. That makes it really excel at bringing the colours of your clothes to life. If you’re modelling an eye-catching new dress or holiday shirt, or you’re selling clothes and want to make them look exciting for potential buyers, then Lo-Fi should be your go-to filter.

Capture your best photos with Instagram Mode on the Galaxy S10+

Take your photography skills to new heights by using Instagram filters on the Galaxy S10+.

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