Samsung Health

Your health in your hands.

Samsung Health tracks your activity, nutrition, stress data, heart rate and sleep, and delivers insights for you.

Download the Samsung Health app.

A woman is stretching on the bridge while checking the Galaxy Watch. A smartphone screen shows the steps she walked, her active time and running time. Galaxy Watch shows her active time and burned calories.

Set your health goals.

Small changes get big results.
By setting goals in three key areas of your life, you can take steps towards becoming a better you.

Help you manage your fitness and wellness better.

Keep track of your progress each and every day without giving it a thought. Just begin.

* Auto-detection will work if you are walking or running for more than 10 minutes.
* The Stress feature may vary by country and device.
* The Heart Rate feature may vary by country and device.

Calm your mind and body.

Effortlessly, manage your mental health with continuous stress measurements in Samsung wearables.

* Some contents are only available through an optional paid subscription.
* Samsung account log-in, Calm account log-in required.
* Android OS 6.0 or above required.
* Content is available in English, German, Spanish, French, and Korean.

An animated secne showing four screens. 1st: A screen showing a notice for Mindfulness, 2nd: A screen showing meditate related content, 3rd: A screen showing sleep stories related content, 4th: A screen showing a music list for mindfulness.


Learn the life-changing skill of meditation.



Get more restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.



Exclusive music to help you focus, relax and sleep.

Discover health-related content.

Health news, exercise videos, supporting health accessories and partner’s service are all here.

* The feature of "ARTICLES","MINDFULNESS","PROMOTIONS" are available in certain countries.

A front view of the smartphone showing "DISCOVER" in the Samsung Health app and three images featuring "ARTICLES","PROGRAMS", and "PRODUCTS" in Samsung Health app.

Stay motivated.

Hit milestones, earn rewards and compete with friends and other Samsung Health users.

Sync apps and devices.

Samsung Health works with a number of Samsung devices, as well as other digital health equipment, to make tracking easy.

Top view of the screen with apps compatible with Health app (apps : MyFitnessPal, Workout Trainer, Technogym, Lifesum).
Apps with Samsung Health

Samsung Health works seamlessly with a number of third-party apps including diet trackers or fitness apps.

The feet on a set of scales showing the user’s weight.
Devices with Samsung Health

Get more out of Samsung Health by syncing with devices including glucose monitors or scales and keep close tabs on what’s most important to you.

Keep your records secure.

With Samsung Health, your information is secured with Samsung Knox - the award winning security platform.

  • Samsung Knox
    Samsung Knox ensures your health data is protected on hardware and software level.

Simple, easy-to-follow tutorials.

Get the most out of Samsung Health step by step.
Master the basics and beyond.

* This app is solely intended for fitness and wellness purposes only and is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. Supported features might vary by country and device.
* Stress feature is not supported in Angola, Cyprus, Algeria, Canada, and Thailand. And it is supported by the Galaxy Watch, wearable and the Galaxy mobile phone with a sensor that can measure stress.
* Heart Rate feature is not supported in Angola. And it is supported by the Galaxy Watch, wearable and the Galaxy mobile phone with a sensor that can measure Heart Rate.
* Device and screen images simulated for illustrative purposes.