TV that does it all
Three simple words: Unrivaled viewing experience.
That’s all we need to sum up our ideas behind new 2018 QLED TV. No more
distractions. Just pure entertainment for your eyes.

with Ambient

See nothing else.

Three angles of Samsung’s new QLED TVs are put on the floor in dark room. Left far one is facing back, middle one ins facing right front with Ambient Mode onscreen on and the right closest one is facing back.

Only Samsung QLED does it all
QLED provides an unrivalled viewing experience. Endless style with no distractions. Pure entertainment right at your fingertips.


The TV you love
with nothing in the way

Gone are the days of huddling around a small, dark screen surrounded by cables and clutter. Our exceptional Big Screens deliver over a billion colours and stunning contrast for exceptional viewing any time of the day. Eliminate the big black screen with Samsung's superior design and craftsmanship, which means the QLED TV can blend right into your home interior. And control multiple devices with the One Remote Control, which puts you right in the driver's seat.

A Thumbnail Image for Samsung QLED TV’s Welcome Movie.
A Thumbnail Image for Samsung QLED TV’s Design Story Video.

Nothing but the best
What makes a perfect TV? Outstanding features, combined with the most advanced picture technology? Samsung's new 2018 QLED TV will give you amazing experiences every day – from our best picture quality yet to intuitive smart features and a beautiful design that you can be proud of.


Over a billion shades of colour

Q Colour

We took the simple process of turning light into colour, and made it
something truly special with our ground-breaking Quantum dot technology. By adding light into the mixture,
we made a billion colours possible with a colour volume of 100%.

An image of natural scenery to explain Q Color. On the left is the colors shown on other TVs with color volume 70%. The colors look a little dull. But, on the right is Samsung QLED TV, showing highlight vivid and rich colors with color volume 100%.

At any time,
in any light

Q Contrast

Think about all those times you just couldn’t see the TV screen. Sometimes there’s just too much sunlight in the room.* Sometimes, not enough. New 2018 QLED TVs put those annoyances in the past, with deeper and darker blacks that highlight every single detail. Now it doesn’t matter how much light there is in the room.

*Available on all QLED models excluding Q6F

Images of the Earth that the sunlight is lit on in order to to explain Q Contrast. Samsung QLED TV’s image on the right appears clearer than that of other TV’s on the left.  With Samsung QLED TV, you can see the details on surface of the Earth and the stars in universe.

beyond the

Q HDR 2000/1500/1000

Sometimes you just can’t see what’s on your own TV screen. Especially when it’s a dark scene with some shadows. Q HDR was created by our combination of expertise and HDR10+ technology to give you a wider range of brightness and contrasts, bringing all the picture nuances to life.

Astronaut images to explain Q HDR. Samsung QLED TV’s image on the left. And Other TV’s image on the right. Samsung QLED TVs image looks more vibrant and with details than other TV’s image. You can see the details of interiors of space ship and spacesuits.

See the picture, not the TV

Our design philosophy is to keep distractions hidden so that you see only pictures. We got rid of the common things that distract us most, such as messy cables and the black screen that would otherwise fill your home. Freedom of space, freedom of pure enjoyment.

A video shows Samsung QLED TV mounted on the living room wall. A light is shown following the One Invisible Cable below the TV. With One Invisible Cable, the TV is perfectly blended in the space.

No more blank screen

Ambient Mode

With our new Ambient Mode, you can elevate your living room with decorative content,
useful information, and your own photos. You won’t notice the TV on the wall as it blends perfectly with your decor,
and it can even play a bit of light background music.

Some features of Ambient Mode require a compatible Android or iOS phone and sufficient space around the TV to operate; it will have varying results on complex wall designs, patterns, and/or unusual colours

A video shows the various options for Ambient Mode.

In Deco Mode, an image of mountains in the QLED TV on the wall is moving naturally. The room goes dark as the time changes from day to night.

In Info Mode, the QLED TV shows the current location and temperature. The screen goes dark as the time changes from day to night.

In Photo Mode, photo list appears on the Samsung QLED TV. The screen focuses in on the selected picture.

In Music Mode, A notification for playing music appears on the QLED TV on the wall.

All you need is one

One Remote Control

One single, sleek remote to control your connected devices. Stop fumbling around for the right remote, and spend time watching more while doing less. And you’ll automatically see the device name on screen. Finding the connected device just got so much easier.

In front of the TV is a woman sitting on the desk with a remote. Next to her is an image of an enlarged remote with 6 icons. The icons represent that remote controls for several devices such as game and DVD players are integrated into one remote control.

Actual product and remote control may differ from image shown.
Compatible devices only.

endless possibilities


SmartThings will help you to get seamlessly connected with a broad range of smart devices
and appliances, from your fridge to your mobile, giving you an intuitive way to take full control of your home,
and beyond. Experience the truely connected life.

Smart service and GUI(Graphic User Interface) may vary by model and region.
SmartThings compatible devices may vary by region.

The Samsung QLED TV in the living room, mobile phone, and the refrigerator standing next to the kitchen table are connected with wi-fi to function together harmoniously. 6 icons are overlaid on image, representing possible connecting devices such as TV, door lock, refrigerator, washing machine, lightings and mobile phone.

Voice Assistant.
A more
way to enjoy TV.

Voice Assistant on TV

Intelligent Voice Assistant in
your new 2018 QLED TV makes it
easy to search for things,
flip channels,
or even ask questions about the
weather with your voice.
Just click
voice recognition on your remote
or mobile, and the new 2018 QLED TV
is at your command.

*Voice Assistant available in UK English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Brazilian, Portuguese
“Show my Smart Home”
TV screen is put on the wall, and the video started to play In the TV screen. A Video shows the four sample scenarios for voice command. Request to show Smart Home Dashboard to control and manage for connected devices at your home.
“Show me the Sports channel”
Don’t know what to watch ? Ask Samsung QLED TV to search some sports channel.
“How is the weather today”
Simply ask today’s weather to Samsung QLED TV Samsung QLED TV will answer to you.
“Show my 2017 photo”
Show your photo album on TV, click the photo thumbnail to see the full size image. Share your best moment with all.
A Thumbnail image with woman commanding to one remote control.