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Exceptional Power

WaterWall™ Type

Revolutionary WaterWall™ technology revolutionises dishwashing. Its powerful sweeping wall of water leaves dishes remarkably clean.

Samsung WaterWall™ Dishwasher

Zone Booster Dishwashers

Target hard-to-clean pots and pans with intensive washing at the touch of a button. Select the option to wash the right or left zone of the bottom rack with higher water pressure and heat.

Samsung Zone Booster Dishwasher

Choose the ideal programme

Choose from 5 programmes for the most efficient wash depending on your load.

Samsung Express 60 Cycle - Inside the Dishwasher

Unload cutlery easier

Samsung designed the bonus FlexTray with convenience in mind. Housed on the third rack, this versatile, flexible and transportable tray can be filled with cutlery of various shapes and sizes, making unloading easier than ever.

Samsung Rotary Dishwasher