Brains and Brawn

Five smart fitness trends we love.

It often feels like exercise, like sleeping, eating and working, are things we do naturally in life and yet can be some of the most complicated things to get 100% right. Everyone is different, and what feels like second nature to some can feel alien to others.

Luckily with the advances made in scientific understanding of the human body and technology, coupled with the wealth of knowledge we all have at our disposal via the internet, it’s much easier for everyone to get their personal health in order.

Even though smart technology may not be able to turn you into Usain Bolt or Serena Williams, it can significantly improve your workouts and get you beating your personal bests in no time. The Galaxy S10+, the Galaxy Watch Active and the Samsung Health app are all great for setting goals and tracking your fitness. And the added bonus is—once you’ve put in the hard work—they’re also great for sharing the odd #humblebrag on social media as well.

So to get you warmed up for your next workout, we’ve listed five ways in which smart tech can help maximise the latest fitness trends for you.


Epic meal time

It’s long been known that it’s not just what you eat but when you eat it that can make or break whether you get the most from your meals. The latest fitness trend in 2019 is chrono-nutrition, which is basically the idea that eating certain things at certain times can boost their effectiveness. For example, just after a big weights session, a balanced meal of carbs, healthy fats and most importantly protein will maximise your body’s ability to recover and build muscle.


Train smarter, not harder

Spending hours slogging away on the treadmill and not seeing any results? Then it’s time to train smarter with the help of the Galaxy Watch Active and the Samsung Health app. Integrated with the Samsung Health app, Galaxy Watch Active is your personal health guru. View your health summary in an instant on a single screen, and access dozens of tools that let you manage not just your fitness but also your wellbeing.


Sleep on it

You’ll be glad to know that getting fit is not just about sweating buckets in the gym every day. It’s also about how you recover from sweating buckets (unfortunately there has to be some kind of sweat involved). The time spent recovering after a session is the time the body is literally healing itself, and making itself stronger and fitter in the process. So things like deep tissue massages, foam rolling, yoga and sleep are just as important as any barbell you can lift. With the Galaxy Watch Active and the Samsung Health app, you can track your sleep using the heart rate monitor and analyse just how much deep, recovery-filled sleep you’re getting, and how to improve it if you’re not getting enough.


Virtually an athlete

It may seem far-fetched, but virtual reality workouts are coming to a gym near you, and have already landed in some well known UK gym chains, with Virgin Active gyms offering a virtual reality spin cycle class called ‘The Trip’. Using computer generated screens, the classes will allow you to fully immerse yourself in a different world when working out, like Neo from The Matrix.


The personal touch

If you’ve been taking our advice and boosting your fitness to never-before-seen levels, then why not take it even further and retrain as a personal fitness trainer? The health sector is booming now more than ever, and with more and more people becoming evermore conscious of their health and fitness, now could be the perfect time to turn your love of fitness into a full-time career.

Measure your fitness goals with Galaxy wearables

Track your health by pairing the Galaxy Watch Active with the Samsung Health app.

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