How can I use my Jet Bot with SmartThings?

Control your Samsung appliances with an innovative smart-compatible platform that simplifies your day-to-day life. Connect your Jet Bot to the SmartThings app and manage it with a simple touch for more free time while reducing your chores at the same time.

Experience various Jet Bot features with SmartThings

To use a variety and convenient Jet Bot functions, connect your Jet Bot with the SmartThings app on your smartphone. SmartThings app is a simple, easy remote controller for your appliance. 

Make sure your Jet Bot and smartphone are connected to a Wi-Fi network before starting. All functions are available with a Wi-Fi connection. Also, sync your Samsung account and SmartThings app with your Jet Bot. 

jet bot with smartthings

When you finish connecting Jet Bot with SmartThings, you'll see the installed Robot (vacuum cleaner) card on the home screen of the SmartThings app. Click Robot card to start and select your country. Keep following SmartThings so that Jet Bot can set a language and start learning about your home space.

Open the SmartThings app and tap Robot Open the SmartThings app and tap Robot

Step 1. Click the Robot card on the SmartThings home screen.

Select language Select language

Step 2. Select Language.

Select learn layout Select learn layout

Step 3. Select map creation method.

Select create map while cleaning Select create map while cleaning

Step 4. When Create map while cleaning is selected, Jet Bot will start building a map with its LiDAR sensor.

Jet Bot creates maps Jet Bot creates maps

Step 5. Jet Bot creates maps by measuring the structure and size of the house through its LiDAR sensor.

Jet Bot creates the map and distinguishes areas automatically Jet Bot creates the map and distinguishes areas automatically

Step 6. Jet Bot creates the map and distinguishes areas automatically.

(You can edit the area names on the Rename category of Map Editing. Go to check the Manage maps on the below accordion.)

Tap the settings Tap the settings

Step 7. Tap the three dots on the top of the right side if you need to see the basic Settings.

Settings menu Settings menu

Step 8. You can manage the basic Settings and Information of Jet Bot here.

Note: Around Furniture function is only available in the Jet Bot AI + model.

After creating maps, tap the three dots on the top of the right side to access the category of 'Settings'.

  • Sound mode: You can set the device with 3 types of sounds. (Voice / Effect / Silence).
  • Language: 14 Languages are available.
  • Volume:  You can set the device sound volume to 4 levels. (Silent / Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3).
  • Prohibited time: When you set the Prohibited time, Jet Bot will not clean during this time.
  • Find Robot Vacuum: You can see where the device is.
  • Avoidance obstacle size: You can set the robot to avoid obstacle with 3 levels of sensitivity. (Small / Medium / Large).
  • Obstacle detection: You can set the types of obstacles in your room/location.
  • Wall Cleaning Option Settings: You can set the Jet Bot to clean around walls. (On / Off).

Note: Wall Cleaning Option Settings is only available in the Jet Bot AI + model.

Navigate SmartThings vacuum cleaner home

You can use SmartThings as a remote control for your Jet Bot. Tap the Robot card on the vacuum cleaner of the SmartThings app home screen to start managing your Jet Bot. You'll see the basic categories as below.

Simply tap the categories and manage settings. The SmartThings home screen categories may vary depending on the local circumstances or the Jet Bot model you have.

smartthings vacuum home screen

You can choose the modes that are specialised for efficient cleaning. Tap the Mode on the Robot vacuum home screen.

Mode type 1 (Cleans the entire area first, and finishes with the walls): Jet Bot will capture debris trapped in corners and edges of the entire area first.

Mode type 2 (Cleans the walls and edges first, before cleaning the entire area): Jet Bot will remove everyday dust and debris first, before cleaning the entire area.

Mode type 3 (Moves in a zigzag pattern and quickly cleans the entire area): Jet Bot will quickly clean the entire area in a zigzag pattern.

jet bot mode functions

Note: Selected options cannot be changed during cleaning. (Changes will be reflected in the next cleaning session.)

You can choose the Jet Bot suction power modes here.

suction power selected suction power selected

Suction power
Tap Suction power on the home screen.

Suction power max Suction power max

Jet Bot cleans powerfully with maximum suction power.

Suction power smart Suction power smart

Jet Bot cleans with normal suction power, but when a carpet or a large amount of dust is detected, it will clean with maximum suction power.

Suction power normal Suction power normal

Jet Bot cleans with low suction power, minimising energy consumption.

Jet Bot can repeat the cleaning settings until the battery has been fully discharged.

  • For Jet Bot AI +, the repeat cleaning function will continue operating until battery level is ~8%.
  • For Jet Bot / Jet Bot +, the repeat cleaning function will continue operating until battery level is ~14%.

Real-time location / Cleaning Route Guide: Now you can quickly view the movement of Jet Bot on a map of your home from wherever you are and see where it has cleaned, instruct it to pause or stop, and view the cleaning history.

  • Displays the location and movement path in real-time while cleaning.
  • Displays avoided obstacles on the map (display the recognized object image, types with selected icon) (*Jet Bot AI + Only) 

Cleaning Result Guide: This feature shows cleaning results such as cleaning time, area cleaned, avoided obstacles, dusty areas, and electrical cables on the map.

Cleaning History: Jet Bot can display up to 50 cleaning sessions.

Re cleaning (Obstacle zone) (*Jet Bot AI + Only): It shows cleaning time, area, avoid obstacles in the map, dusty areas, cleaned movement paths, etc. as a result of cleaning.

Jet Bot has active stereo camera-type sensors that can detect any object over 1 centimeter high at up to 1 meter of distance. Based on deep learning AI technology with 3D sensors, Jet Bot has learned more than 1 million images in advance to recognise various objects. This enables Jet Bot to create an efficient map with zones, and then to clean the areas in your home.

When you tap the Manage maps category, you'll see 4 sections to manage groups and set the map edition that fits your home. Check how to manage each section below. 

Touch the blue box on the screen, setting and zoning the section that you want to clean.

smartthings vacuum map management

1. No-go zones

no go zones selected no go zones selected

No-go zones
Set up areas you don't want to clean. Set the exclusion zones through the prohibited box setting, such as toilet/porch/others (Room, Laundry room, Multipurpose room, etc.)

Set Bathroom Set Bathroom

Set the Bathroom as a no-go zone.

Set Entrance Set Entrance

Set Entrance as a no-go zone.

add other no entry zones add other no entry zones

You can add more room types to the no-entry zones here, such as Kids room, Laundry room and Multi-purpose room.


2. Edit map

Edit map Edit map

Edit map
Go to Edit map to manage your rooms on the map..

29Divide room 29Divide room

Divide room
You can divide and configure rooms by section. Tap the screen to draw a line to divide the room. Jet Bot cleans the selected rooms and spots so that you can manage space more specifically.

Combine rooms Combine rooms

Combine rooms
You can combine 2 adjacent rooms.

Rename Rename

Select the room name you want to change.

3. Edit furniture and appliances

You can select the item of furniture or appliance that you want to change.

  • Add furniture and appliances: Tap the button to start editing. 
  • Select list: Jet Bot cleans around the furniture and home appliances that you add. 
add furniture and appliances

Note: Edit furniture and appliances function is only available in the Jet Bot AI + model.

4. Reset map

You can delete the current map to replace it with a new one. Tap the Reset map button to start.

reset map

Cleaning Reservation Option Setting

You can set and schedule a cleaning session’s Day, Time, Mode, Suction strength, Cleaning type (room / furniture / area setting).

The HomeCare Wizard will show you the percentage of consumables such as motor filters, high-performance filters, and dust bags that have been used, and also let you know the timing of replacement.

Device care

  • Available to see the Jet Bot filter usage information.
  • You can check the usage pattern with Weekly usage / Frequently used time functions.
  • Available to manage the AI diagnosis function.


You can see the accessory settings of the appliance, user guide, etc.


  • You should download the Home Care Manager Service app in the SmartThings app.
  • It may not be compatible with some tablets and devices.


  • Available technologies and functions may vary depending on the country, service provider, network environment, or product.
  • Before you try out the app connection, be sure to check if your device's software and related apps are updated to the latest version.
  • Mobile screen images on this content may vary depending on the device model you have.

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