How does Find My Mobile work?

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

Find My Mobile is a service that helps you find the location of the device and protect data when the device is lost. If you do not know how to use this service, look below to learn all the benefits of Find My Mobile.

When you register your Samsung account on your device, it is automatically registered in the ‘Find My Mobile’ service, so you can use functions such as finding or locking lost devices on the Find My Mobile official website right away.

You also can check the list of devices registered with your Samsung account on the ‘Find My Mobile’ website and select a device to run the ‘Find My Mobile’ function.

Some functions can be used only when the settings are activated on the device. 

To activate Find My Mobile

  1. Check if “Settings” > “Biometrics and Security” > “Find My Mobile Settings” is turned on. (It is activated when you log in to your Samsung account on your device.).
  2. Access the Find My Mobile official website.
  3. Select the device you want to find from the device list and run the desired function.

You can only run functions when a Samsung account is registered on the device you want to find, and when that device is connected to the Internet. If the Find My Mobile setting on the device is turned off, the function does not work. This setting is automatically activated when a Samsung account is registered on the device. 

You can find a location when you lose your device and access the Find My Mobile website, or access SmartThings Find on another device.

Separately, if you activate the Send Last Location or Offline finding in the “Find My Mobile” setting of the device (Settings> Biometrics and Security> Find My Mobile), you can check the location delivered to the server when these conditions are met:

  • Send last location: The location when the remaining battery capacity is less than 5%.
  • Offline finding: A location is sent, with the help of other nearby Samsung devices, if your device remains disconnected from its cellular or Wi-Fi network. 

You can use Find My Mobile service even if the SIM card in the device is changed. If the Samsung account is entered on the device and if you can connect to a network such as a cellular network or Wi-Fi. When the device's SIM card is changed, the Find My Mobile website informs you that the SIM card has changed with the changed phone number. However, the changed phone number may not be confirmed depending on the mobile carrier.

The Lock function on Find My Mobile service is to prevent the use of the lost device by others. Lock screen, lock power off and some services such as Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass etc. work together. When you run the Lock function on the Find My Mobile website, you can set a PIN number to lock your device and leave a phone number so that another person can contact you. You can also leave a short message on the lock screen. 

The Erase Data function deletes all data by initialising the device to prevent personal information stored on the device from being leaked. If you run the Erase Data function, the Find My Mobile service is no longer available because the Samsung account registered on the device is also deleted.

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