What to do if an unknown sign in or hacking attempt is found

Last Update date : Jun 15. 2022

When you use your Samsung account you can detect suspicious activity that you did not approve. Below, learn more about what to do if you find any unauthorised actions in your account.

First, check your Samsung Account’s activity.

If you find any of the following information in your account, this could mean your account is being used by someone else.

  1. A new sign-in notification email when you did not sign in.
  2. Any changes in your settings.
  3. Any activity in your account that you did not initiate.

4.- Any unknown activity in any of the services you use. For example:

  • Cloud data: Look for any backup, sync or delete operations you did not initiate.
  • Galaxy Store / Galaxy Themes: Look for any unknown purchases or deleted purchase history.

If you think your account was compromised, follow these steps to enhance your account security:

  1. Change your password immediately. Your password must always be a strong new password and you should change it regularly. Do not use the same password for other services.
  2. Set up the two-step verification as follows:
  • Mobile devices: Go to device settings and tap “Accounts and backup”. Select “Manage accounts”, tap Samsung account, click “My profile”, select “Security and privacy” and tap “Two-step verification”.
  • Samsung Account website: Visit the Samsung Account website and sign in with your Samsung account. Go to "Security" and tap "Enable the Two-step verification".

If the problem persists,

If the problem persists,

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