Why do I get an error when signing into my Samsung account?

Last Update date : Mar 05. 2024

Occasionally you may encounter an issue that prevents you from signing into your Samsung account. Below, find out what to do if this unlikely scenario happens. 

Guide of most commons problems

An error occurs when I try to sign in.

  • If you can't sign in, please check your OS version and Samsung account version. Sometimes, it might be a temporary system error.
  • If you see an error message, such as 'An error occurred during an SSL connection,' please check the date and time on your device. For security purposes, Samsung accounts require the date and time to be the same as the actual date and time.

“Sorry, there’s no matching information” error message.

  • If you receive this message, try signing in again. Double check that you are using the correct email address and password. Your email address and password must match what you entered when you created the account. You can also try checking your internet connection. 


  • If you have checked the above and still cannot sign in to your account, please contact Samsung Support.

I cannot find the account verification email from Samsung.

If you can’t find the verification email sent by Samsung, please check your spam folder. If you still can’t find it, you can receive another verification email using the following methods:

  • Receive another verification email via phone or tablet: Navigate to and open Settings, and then tap Accounts and backup. Tap Manage accounts, and then tap Add account. Select Samsung account, and sign in using your credentials. Select Resend the verification email; a new email will be sent to your associated email address.
  • Receive another verification email via website: Navigate to and open the Samsung account website. Sign in using your account credentials and select Resend the verification email. A new email will be sent to your associated email address.

Someone unauthorized accessed my account.

When an unauthorized device has signed into your Samsung account, you will receive a notification on your current device or other devices that are authorized to use your account. If you do not recognize the new sign in, tap No. This will prevent the other device from signing in.

You can also log in to the Samsung account website, and check what devices are authorized to access your account. To do this, select SECURITY from your account’s main page, and then select Two-step verification. Select Trusted device(s), and then select Remove all devices. You will need to sign back into your account on your personal devices, but this will ensure that no one has unintended access to your account.

As an extra precaution, please reset your password and make sure you have two step verification enabled.

I've enabled two-step verification but did not receive a verification code.

If you are not receiving a verification code via text message, make sure that you have a strong Wi-Fi or Mobile data connection and the number is not blocked on your device.

If you are still not receiving the code, please check your device's OS version and Samsung account version before contacting Samsung Support.

It's been two weeks since I changed my number, and I haven't gotten the completion notice.

First, check your spam folders and blocked messages, if you still don't see the completion notice, try to log in to your Samsung account anyway. If you are still seeing the old phone number listed, do not attempt the reset process again.

Note: Submitting another request will reset the two week waiting period.

My account is frozen, deleted, or requires reregistration.

In compliance with information protection laws, people under the age of 13 cannot have a Samsung account. In order to make sure we have accurate information, your account may require reregistration to add any missing information. If your account is not updated it may be frozen until it is reregistered.

My date of birth information registered on the Samsung account is not accurate.

When entering the date of birth information, it should match with the registered information on the Samsung account.

Please check and try again. In the verification process, if the information provided does not match, you may not be considered the owner of the Samsung account.

"The number is not correct" error message.

In the verification process by email ID for password reset, when entering the phone number in the [Verify phone number] step, you must enter with the same number as shown partially on the screen including the country code. In the United States the phone number will be 1-(area code)-(phone number).

If you have tried with the incorrect number several times, additional attempts will be restricted for 30 minutes.

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