What should I do when water leaks from the drain tray of the refrigerator?

Last Update date : Jan 09. 2021

If you find a leak in the drain of your refrigerator, please follow the instructions for each cause below.

The refrigerator operates alternating frost and defrosts functions. During the auto defrosting, process, the ice melts and flows as water into the drain tray installed at the bottom back of the refrigerator. This water evaporates due to the ambient temperature and heat of the compressor

In case of a water leak from the drain tray

  • Clogged drain hole

If the drain hole is clogged by foreign substances or freezing, defrost water cannot flow out and leaks into the product.

Solution: A service inspection needs to be performed by an engineer. Please contact a Samsung service center. Self-repair is not possible.

  • Clogged drain hole

If water is leaking from the bottom of the refrigerator, then this could be due to the overflow of the drain tray. Check the drain tray to see if the water drain tray is filled with water. If it is, this indicates that the automatic evaporation of water has failed.

Solution: Turn the refrigerator off and clean the drain tray.

Note: If the ambient temperature is much lower than 25℃ (77℉) or the humidity is more than 75%, the auto evaporation may be adversely affected.


  • Damaged drain tray


If the drain tray is empty, then maybe the drain tray is damaged. 

Solution: You need to replace the drain tray. To replace it, please contact a Samsung service center.


  • Keep the refrigerator in a well-ventilated area and avoid opening the door too frequently. Frequently opening the door will reduce the cooling performance.
  • Clean your refrigerator regularly. 

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