Why has the POWERbot stopped during cleaning?

Last Update date : Jan 09. 2021

If the POWERbot suddenly stops while cleaning, please check the causes and solutions listed below.

Low battery (Lo)

Manually charge the POWERbot by placing it on the docking station.


Step 1. Turn on the emergency switch on the bottom.

You must turn on the emergency switch to turn on the POWERbot. Press and release the button. 


Step 2. Manually charge the POWERbot by placing it on the docking station.

Make sure the charging pins on the POWERbot and the docking station are aligned.

Step 3. Check the charging status.

  • Case 1: The battery indicator blinks at 1 sec. intervals during charging and the indicator will remain in the ON status when fully charged.
  • Case 2: "_ _ _ _" will turn on according to charging progress and "FULL" will turn on when the charging is complete. 

Note: The features and appearance of the racks and silverware baskets may vary from your model.

When the POWERbot is stuck, jammed, or trapped

If the POWERbot is stuck, jammed, or trapped in the main body while driving, or the driving wheel is lifted, it stops while displaying the notification (!).

  • If the POWERbot is immobilized by an obstacle such as a cord, threshold, etc., pick the POWERbot up and move it away from the obstacle.
  • If any fabric or string is caught in a drive wheel, turn off the emergency switch and remove the fabric or string before using it again.
  • In the case of any small furniture with short legs, it will be recognized as a threshold, so please remove any such furniture before cleaning.

Note: If the issue continues after trying the above-mentioned solutions, please contact the Samsung service center.

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