How to hide the navigation bar on Galaxy devices

Last Update date : Jun 07. 2022

Galaxy devices give you the ability to configure them as you prefer. This way you can have your device customized to make it easier, more dynamic and intuitive to use depending on your needs. That is why Galaxy devices allow you to configure the navigation bar.

View of a Galaxy main screen with the default navigation bar highlighted.

Hiding the navigation bar allows you to view files and use apps on a wider screen. If you want to hide the navigation bar, just follow these steps:

1 Open your “Settings” and tap “Display”.
2 Scroll down to the “Navigation bar” option and tap on it.
3 Here you can choose between “Buttons” and “Swipe gestures”. “Buttons” is the default option. If you want to hide the navigation bar, select the “Swipe gestures” option.
4 With this option you can choose between “Swipe from bottom” or “Swipe from sides and bottom”. To make a selection, tap on the “More options” button under the “Swipe gestures” option.
5 When you choose “Swipe from sides and bottom”, you can configure the “Gesture sensitivity”.

Please note: If you are using a case, it may be difficult to do gestures on the edge of the screen. In this case it is recommended to choose a higher sensitivity. If you sometimes do gestures unintentionally, try a lower sensitivity.

If you select the "Swipe gestures" option, the navigation bar will be hidden, and the gesture suggestions will appear. If you want to hide the gesture suggestions at the bottom of the screen when you select "Swipe gestures" tap the gesture suggestion switches that will turn them off.

The navigation bar contains buttons that allow you to scroll through your screens and applications as quickly as possible.

When you turn on the screen, the soft buttons will appear in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. 

Please note: The functions of the buttons may change depending on the application being used or the usage environment.

No. The buttons are configured by default and cannot be changed. The options are:

  • Recent button.
  • Home button.
  • Back button

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