How to solve mobile data connection problems

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2022

If you have problems connecting to the Wi-Fi network and/or mobile data from your Samsung Galaxy, Here we explain how to reset the network settings by performing the following steps on from your device.

1.- Slide one finger across the screen from the bottom to the top to access the Apps screen.

2.- Select Settings.

3.- Scroll to the bottom of the screen.

4.- Select General Administration.

5.- Select Reset.

6.- Select Reset Network Settings.

7.- Read the prompts tap on Reset Settings*.

8.- Clever! Finally press Reset, all Wi-Fi data, Mobile data and Bluetooth will return to factory settings. Remember that only the network settings will be deleted, all other information will remain intact.

*Note: If you have a security lock set on the screen, you will be prompted to continue.

Important: This can help you correct connection failures to networks such as Wi - Fi and mobile data including bluetooth, however it is possible that for mobile data it is necessary to contact your mobile service operator if the failure persists, since Finally, your operator manages the quality and range of the signal that your Galaxy receives, so we recommend contacting it as soon as possible to rule out poor signal quality or configuration. If the network signal and configuration are fine, contact our specialized technical service to make deeper adjustments and thus solve the problem.

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We help you

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