How to use digital wellbeing feature in Samsung smartphones?

Last Update date : May 11. 2022

Digital Wellbeing is a feature that brings up the app dashboard through which you can see how long an app has been open and also allows you to see breakdowns per day, per hour and per app.

Note: You can set goals to use your phone screen less or use some applications less, in order to improve your visual health or avoid distractions when trying to sleep

If you are constantly distracted by your phone at work, school or in an important meeting, with the concentration mode you can limit the use of applications in certain hours of the day.

When you want to end this mode manually, go to the selected mode and press end focus.

With this mode, you will be able to set a schedule in which your smartphone will leave only the most basic active to avoid distractions during the night and thus be able to fall asleep.

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If the problem persists,

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