The Frame Art Store: Bring home works of Local art from Segaris Art Center

Valid from 1 Oct 2021 till 31 March 2022

Art goes digital

Art is loved and admired throughout the world, but it hasn’t been easy to access prestigious artworks outside of visiting galleries. Today, technological breakthroughs in the art world have changed that experience. Samsung’s The Frame is a platform that offers people a new way of seeing exceptional art in everyday life, transforming the idea that art needs to be seen in person.

Samsung provides a new platform for art: Art Store

The Art Store is an art platform exclusive to our Lifestyle TV ‘The Frame’. With over 1,600 art pieces to choose from, the Art Store brings the world’s galleries to your home – from contemporary art to photography works, the Art Store has something for everybody. Samsung Lifestyle TVs also challenge the perception of televisions being a one-trick device. Our TVs have evolved to become interactive tools suitable for everyday use that are easy to integrate into our daily lifestyles.

Appreciate the works of local art with The Frame TV

In partnership with Segaris Art Center, an established commercial art gallery showcasing modern and contemporary Malaysian art ranging from historically significant to cutting-edge since 2011, given us the opportunity to brings you the variety and depth of local talent that is waiting to be explored with our The Frame lifestyle TV.
The chosen artworks by the talented Malaysian Artists such as Awang Damit Ahmad, Faizal Suhif, Fauzan Omar, Kim Ng, Suzlee Ibrahim and more, are now available in The Frame Art Store for you to enjoy at the comfort of your home from 1 Oct 2021 till 31 March 2022.

Make your own TV with The Frame

The Frame comes in various sizes, from the smallest 32” to 85” to suit every person’s needs. It is a TV that can be personalized, its interchangeable frame bezels available in different colours for you to change according to your décor or mood of the day. With the varieties of art pieces available in Art Store, you can now turns your home into a private art gallery.

Turn your home into a private art gallery with The Frame

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