What to do if Samsung oven has a burning or bad smell?

Last Update date : Jun 29. 2022

This can happen from flare-ups, smoking, or flaming when the oven is heavily soiled. It is recommended to clean the oven regularly - avoid heavy build-up of grease in the oven.

First time use of the oven

  • When using the oven for the first time after purchasing it, you must burn the oil inside the oven.
  • Depending on the method of use, turn on the stove hood at the highest temperature for about 20 minutes and the oven on. There may be smoke due to the burning of the processed oil inside, but there is nothing wrong with the product.
  • The initial smell disappears slowly after using the oven about 2~3 times.
  • Make sure to adjust the proper time for the food at the start. When the cooking time is excessive, the food will burn and odors will be created.
  • Please make sure to adjust the time according to the food. If the food smells like it is burning during cooking, slightly moisten it.
burn the oil inside the oven upon the first use

Note: Be sure to remove accessories before operation.

Keep the interior and accessories of the oven clean

When a bad odour emits from the oven, food residue or plastic may have melted and stuck to the interior. Use the steam clean function and then wipe with dry cloth. 

clean the interior and accessories of the oven

Use the proper container for oven

When you use plastic or non-heat resistant cookware, it may cause a burning smell. It is recommended to use glass cookware suitable for high temperatures. Check out the guide for proper oven containers below. It will help your cooking time and the oven efficiency.

Guide for proper oven containers

proper oven container guide table

Useable Containers

Non-usable Containers

- Heat-resistant glassware (e.g. Pyrex)

- Aluminum container and metal container

- oven-only pottery, Ceramics

- Products with phrases such as oven, oven-safe, and borosilicate on the floor

- Metal (e.g. oven fans)

- Paper containers for ovens, baking containers

- Silicon containers marked with an oven

- Heat-resistant plastic containers, general glassware, general ceramics

- Wrap types

- Wood, paper, and bamboo products.

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