Football fever hits home

Take your football-viewing experience to the next level with Neo QLED TV.

As fans slowly start to fill stadiums this football season, we’re bracing ourselves for some exciting matches with our 8K TVs, and so can you.

The latest technologies and features of the Samsung 8K Smart TVs are sure to transport you to the stadium for that “in the flesh” experience.

Pitch perfect

You know you’re going to get a truly immersive stadium experience with real 8K on a big screen TV. The depth and vividness of real 8K offers 16x more resolution than full HD with every detail enhanced like never before. The thrills get even more real and life-sized on the big screen with clear and brilliant picture quality. That’s 90 minutes of pure adrenaline from the stadium right in your living room.

No offsides

With Ultra Viewing Angle, every seat in the house is as good as the other, with reduced glare and enhanced colour for a vibrant picture. No more craning your neck or leaning on one side. Whatever the angle, you’ve got the perfect view right from your living room.

Stadium sounds amplified
Lose yourself in revolutionary sound. Samsung Soundbars with Q-Symphony will play sound from your Soundbar and your TV’s speakers at the same time for an excellent surround sound experience.

Dynamic audio for kicks

Hear the “Goalllll!” like you’re right there with Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+). All the action will come alive with audio that tracks every motion on the screen. When someone decides to time out and answer a call or go off to make smoothies with the blender nearby, Active Voice Amplifier comes into effect to drown out the noise and enhance the volume from your TV to make it more audible over surrounding noises. SpaceFit sound technology analyses the room environment and then auto-calibrates TV sound to its optimal settings. Now you can enjoy perfect sound regardless of where and how you place your TV.

Samsung Neo QLED TV Samsung Neo QLED TV

Best of two worlds

The ultimate way to experience the thrill of the game is to watch it with your friends. And even if you are far away from your buddies, you can still conquer the distance with Samsung Neo QLED TV. Thanks to the Multi view feature, you can split the screen, and display up to 4 different contents at once. Imagine watching the game on the main left screen, while your video-call with your friend is mirrored to the smaller screen. Seeing your favourite team scoring and your best friends celebrating on the same Neo QLED screen is definitely the next best thing.

TV Goals unlocked

Bring the stadium home with Neo QLED TV.

Rooting is better with Samsung 2021 Screens

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