4 Reasons to Give
Mobile Gaming a Chance

Your mobile device could be the secret weapon your gaming needs.

Woman laying on a brown couch in her living room, holding her Galaxy smartphone in landscape mode and she looks at the mobile gaming screen.

We get it—mobile gaming hasn't always been known for its immersive graphics or breathtaking processors. But with newly released Samsung devices and more Android game options than ever, it might be time to reconsider.

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Mobile hardware has gotten way better

Those classic arcade games might have been a blast to play on an old brick phone, but today’s devices can handle far more complex gameplay. They've improved exponentially—some are even specifically designed with gamers in mind. When frame rate starts to suffer, for example, phones like the Galaxy S20 can monitor heat and adjust the performance of the game, preventing lag and low FPS rates.

A guy sitting in a white egg chair on his balcony, holding a Galaxy Note10 phone in landscape mode. He's looking down at his phone while wearing a pair of white Galaxy Buds+ mobile gaming headphones. A skyline view can be seen in the distance. There are plants surrounding him.
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Mobile accessories are filling in the blanks

Mobile gaming’s sound quality is catching up to that of PC and console. And built-in Dolby AtmosTM surround-sound speakers on phones like the Galaxy Note10 plus compatible accessories** are closing this gap. Noise-cancelling mobile gaming headphones** can bring an even more immersive sound to your mobile gaming experience so you can lose yourself in your gameplay. For some games, you can also use mobile adapters** for your phone if you enjoy the hands-on control of PC gaming.

A man wearing a red flannel shirt and brown cargo pants is laying down in his bed holding up a black Galaxy Tab A 8.4 with both hands. On display is a capture of a game where three soldiers are in battle while a dragon is breathing fire toward them in a medieval setting.

Mobile can be great for endless gaming

Many AAA games are available on all platforms: PC, console and mobile. While the mobile gaming screen experience is bigger and better than ever, some players may still prefer the larger screens home console experiences provide.

With that said, much of the work that console games on Android require can be accomplished on mobile. For example, you might not be able to nail 360 noscopes on mobile like you can on PC, but you can adjust to mobile gaming by learning the right tricks.

A man at home in his living room, laying on a beige couch. He's smiling while playing a game on his Galaxy tablet.

Social play is changing the mobile game

Though gaming may have once had a rap for being a solo activity, there is now a major community-building element – especially with all of the new ways to livestream the action and engage with your crew right from your phone. Streamer-friendly features like picture-in-picture reactions, audio commentary and the ability to annotate scenes with the S Pen on the Galaxy Note10 make it easier to connect with your buddies on a game you can enjoy together—even when you can't be with them physically.

* Requires optimal 5G connection. 5G services are only supported on 5G-enabled devices in 5G network-enabled locations in 5G-ready countries.
Actual speed may vary depending on country, carrier, and user environment.
** Accessories sold separately. Availability of accessories may vary by country.

Here's to gaming greatness

Ease your transition to Android gaming with the world-class Galaxy mobile experience.

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