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New Dimension to the Viewing Experience: Samsung Launches The Sero and Refreshes Lifestyle TV Line-up

Apr 28. 2020

Samsung Lifestyle TV line-up expands with the launch of the world’s first vertical TV in Singapore, The Sero, and 2020 models for The Frame and The Serif

The Sero adds a dash of style and sophistication to any living space

Samsung Electronics Singapore today announced the launch of The Sero as well as the availability of its refreshed 2020 Lifestyle TV line-up for The Frame and The Serif.


Available for the first time in Singapore, The Sero combines the innovation found in Samsung’s top-level displays while providing a new mobile-centric approach to home entertainment. The refreshed 2020 line-ups for The Frame and The Serif continue to offer consumers with award-winning designs that fit any home decor with QLED picture quality and smart features.


"Younger consumers today expect TVs to fully integrate into their individual lifestyles. While traditional visual content is generated for the most part in horizontal formats, users are increasingly becoming accustomed to enjoying social media on their smartphones with a vertical orientation," said Steven Koh, Director, TV & AV, Samsung Electronics Singapore. "Samsung is redefining the role of the screen by delivering a mobile optimised experience to enhance these users’ lifestyle and provide whole new ways to interact with their TVs."


A Mobile Optimised Experience with The Sero


The Sero, which means "vertical" in Korean, is Samsung’s first TV equipped with an automated rotating display that allows users to switch between horizontal and vertical orientations – just like how one would use a smartphone or tablet. A Best of Innovation award winner at CES 20201, and a gold award recipient of the world-renowned International Forum (iF) Design Award 20202, The Sero combines the cutting-edge functions of Samsung’s QLED displays while providing a new approach to home entertainment technology that meets the needs and habits of the growing mobile viewing audience.


Geared towards Millennial and Gen Z consumers accustomed to viewing experiences such as the ones found on their mobile devices, The Sero is optimised for social media content, streaming services as well as gaming content, packaged in an eye-catching design and offering innovative user experiences.


To enjoy the vertical experience on The Sero, users can simply mirror their compatible mobile device with the Tap View3 feature, where they can then enjoy mirroring perks such as viewing their portrait-orientation videos in high definition, or seeing themselves on a bigger screen after taking a selfie with their smartphone’s camera.


The vertical TV stands out with its modern design that pops in any space and offers a range of different display features when it is not in use. By enabling Portrait Mode, users can choose from over 50 designs across five different categories, including Clock, My Photo, Cinemagraph, Poster and Sound Wall to switch The Sero from a TV to an interior product to enhance living spaces. In addition, The Sero requires no mounting on the wall. Mobility wheels4 can be attached to the TV and users can move it around the house easily.

The Sero can be used eithear vertically or horizontally for conventional content formats

The Sero also features Samsung’s advanced innovation in display and audio technologies:


  • 100% Real Colour5With Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, The Sero delivers a full 100% real colour that shows realistic colours no matter how bright or dark the scene gets.


  • Powerful Audio: The Sero’s 4.1ch 60W front-firing speakers with Dolby Digital Plus are embedded in its vertical stand, with its woofer speaker supported by a passive radiator to offer more resonance and deeper, richer bass sounds.


  • Active Voice Amplifier: The Sero can recognise when there are potentially distracting sounds around users and automatically amplifies the voices real-time such that users can hear the dialogues clearly even if it gets noisy around the room.


Samsung’s Refreshed Lifestyle TV Line-up –a The Frame and The Serif 


Samsung is also introducing a refreshed line-up for its well-received lifestyle TV line-up – The Frame and The Serif.


The Frame stylishly elevates the design of any room

The 2020 evolution of The Frame brings an even more elevated experience to homes by going beyond the traditional concept of TV to a functional piece of home décor that enhances the design of any living space. Aside from the 20 exclusive artwork selections that come pre-loaded on The Frame in 2020, Samsung’s Art Store – the world’s largest art platform for TV – provides access to over 1,200 pieces of art by prestigious artists, galleries and museums from all over the world6.


In addition, The Frame now comes equipped with the all-new Magic Screen+7 feature, whereby users can harmonise the TV with the interior design of their homes. They can simply take a picture of the TV and its surrounding wall with a smartphone and let the texture synthesis technology work its magic, generating a virtual image pattern on the TV screen which blends the TV seamlessly into its surroundings.


Users can also keep unsightly cables out of sight with the single, all-in-one cable8 and utilise the easy-to-use No Gap Wall-Mount to ensure that the TV is flushed against any wall with minimal gap9 for a harmonious look in any room. To further personalise the look and feel of The Frame, consumers can choose from the customisable bezel options10 – available in black, white, beige and brown – so that they can easily swap bezel colours to complement the colour of the space.

As a statement piece, The Serif changes the look and feel of any space that it is in

The Serif, on the other hand, features a unique, modern shape, offering an alternative to the traditional wall-mounted TV model, and works as a statement piece that complements any living space. It has an all-round design which showcases the TV at any angle and can blend into any environment. It also comes with an elegant floor stand that is easy to install or detach to fit the design language of any space.


Local Availability and Pricing


Samsung’s 2020 Lifestyle TV line-up – The Sero, The Frame and The Serif – is now available in Singapore on Samsung Online StoreCommune, and major consumer electronics stores including Audio HouseBest DenkiCourtsGain CityHarvey NormanMega Discount Store, Mustafa and Parisilk, through their respective online stores. The line-up will also be available in stores after circuit breaker measures are lifted11

Specifications of the line-up can be found in the Appendix section. For more information on Samsung Lifestyle TV line-up, please visit:






Eco-Packaging for Samsung Lifestyle TVs 


In another significant step towards sustainability, Samsung has introduced a new eco-friendly packaging across its Lifestyle TV product portfolio. The new eco-packaging is made from eco-friendly corrugated cardboard, allowing for easier recycling as well as upcycling of the cardboard boxes for creative reuse.


The Sero Eco-Packaging upcycled into a cat house

A dot matrix design is applied on each side of its eco-friendly corrugated cardboard boxes for the packaging for The Sero, The Frame and The Serif, which guides customers with ways to cut and assemble the boxes into various other uses, such as small end tables or houses for pets.


A manual included within the packaging guides customers on how to make household items out of the cardboard boxes, which can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the box.


Specifications for The Sero, The Frame and The Serif

1 The Sero was awarded the Best of Innovation for Video Displays at CES Innovation Awards 2020.
2 The Sero received the gold award at the International Forum (iF) Design Award 2020 for the Product category.
3 This service only works with a compatible mobile device when the screen is turned on.
4 Accessories sold separately.
5 QLED TVs have received verification from world-class testing and certification association, Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), for its ability to produce 100% colour volume, measured to DCI-P3 standard.
6 Available with monthly subscription of $6.99 currently. Available art displayed may differ from image shown. Art pieces in the Art Store are subject to change without prior notice.
7 The Magic Screen+ background setting feature may vary depending on the environment where the TV is installed including, but not limited to, wall designs, patterns, and/or colours.
8 ‘One Invisible Connection’ refers to a single, translucent optical cable connected to the One Connect Box integrating external device cables, but it does not refer to cables connected to other devices such as sound bar. Subject to device compatibility. Devices must be connected to the One Connect Box via HDMI cable.
9 Measured from rear end of the TV, the gap may differ based on the installation and wall type. A small gap between the wall and TV may occur if wall is not 100% flat or is constructed off-angle to the floor or if installed incorrectly. The actual angle when tilting may vary by product size.
10 One free set of customisable bezel with every purchase of The Frame. Additional customisable bezels sold separately.
11 Pending guidance from the Singapore Government.
12 Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format. ‘AI Upscaling’ may not apply to PC connection, and certain conditions of Game Mode.
13 Bixby service availability requires Samsung Account login and data connection. Available functions and features may vary by country, region, and language. Not all actions can be completed through voice control. Not all accents, dialects, and expressions are recognised, and actual performance may vary depending on pronunciation, voice level, and the surrounding environment.
14 Subject to device compatibility.