How to clean a Samsung Washing Machine's door seal/bellow?

Last Update date : Jul 14. 2022

The rubber packing on Washing Machine is designed to block water from being leaked out of the door. At time, molds and residual may form and stuck in the rubber packing. Always air-dry after using the machine. If the level of pollution is very bad, clean the rubber packing.

1 Open the Washing Machine door and remove any clothing or items from it. Inspect the grey colored seal/bellow between the door opening and the basket for stained areas. Pull back the seal/bellow to inspect all areas under it and check for foreign objects
Door seal/bellow cleaning

Pull back the door seal to check for foreign objects

2 If stained areas are found, wipe these areas with toothpaste and a dry cloth
Door seal/bellow cleaning

Clean the door seal with toothpaste

3 Wipe the seal/bellow area using a damp cloth again
Door seal/bellow cleaning

 Clean the door seal with a damp cloth

4 Wipe the area thoroughly with a dry cloth and let the Washing Machine interior air dry with the door open
Door seal/bellow cleaning

Air dry the machine

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