How to remove bad odour in Samsung Washing Machine?

Last Update date : Jul 14. 2022

Bad odour occur when residue from washer detergent, soil, lime scale and iron are collected in the Washing Machine. These elements combine with bacteria and mildew will product foul odors.

Cleaning the Washing Machine to remove bad odour

• Check the type and how much of detergent being used. Using non High-Efficiency detergent or too much detergent will create too much suds which cannot be drained easily. Excess suds that are not washed away will result in molding and produce bad smell in your clothes and washing machine

•  Wipe the interior of the Washing Machine, especially the door seals area periodically. Mold tends to accumulate easily in this area. Follow the link to learn more about how to clean the door seals/bellow

•  If the Washing Machine has Pure Cycle function, operate the cycle to clean the drum regularly without using a cleansing agent

Please note: Operating Pure Cycle when laundry is in the Washing Machine will cause damage to the laundry as well as the machine

• Always leave the door open after usage. This will decrease mold building up as the Washing Machine is allowed to air dry completely

• Clean the filter regularly and make sure that there are no signs of water leakage/blockage. Accumulation of detergent residue/dirt may result in producing bad smell

• Run the machine with hot water cycle and add a quart of vinegar. Once the cycle is over, wipe the drum and leave the lid open to get rid of any odors

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