How to clean Samsung's auto-dispense detergent drawer?

Last Update date : Jul 14. 2022

The Detergent Drawer must be cleaned regularly to prevent building up of detergent, bleach and softener, which will affect the cleaning performance, odors accumulation and cause leakage issues.

1 Pull the Detergent Drawer out of the Washing Machine while '●' is being pushed
Take out the detergent drawer
2 Hold '●' and pull it up to review the inner part of Detergent Drawer. Wipe clean and ensure that water or detergent are not in contact with the '▲' part. Otherwise, it may lead to breakdown
Wipe the internal of detergent drawer
3 After cleaning is finished, close the cover by pulling it down
Close the detergent drawer
4 Place the detergent drawer back to the Washing Machine and ensure that it is fully locked with no spacing
Attach the detergent drawer back to the washing machine

Please note: After set up is completed, push both the [Auto detergent] and [Auto Softner] buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds  and the initial screen will pop up again.

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