Rattling sound when Samsung Washing Machine is in use

Last Update date : Jul 14. 2022

A rattling noise or clicking noise occurs when something is rattling against the outside of the washer, or something hard inside the tub.

If you hear this kind of noise, check the following:

• Verify the washer is level. A wobbly washer can make rattling sounds as it vibrates. Leveling will prevent this

• Make sure nothing is in contact with the washer. As an example, a common cause for a rattling noise is the power cord of the washer leaning against the washer as it vibrates

• Check the tub for loose objects, such as pens or coins. Even zippers and buttons can make noise during the cycle as they hit the side of the tub

If no foreign object is found, perform a normal operation with empty washer (no load) and listen if rattling noise still persist.

Rattling sound when Samsung Washing Machine is in use

If rattling noise still occurs, most likely the Tub Bearing is defective. The tub bearing is a mechanism mounted in the middle of the outer tub, helping to keep the inner tub spinning smoothly.

If the above steps have been verified and the rattling noise continues, contact our Contact Centre for further assistance.

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