Sound when water is released into washing machine?

Last Update date : Jul 14. 2022

If sounds are generated when water is supplied into the Washing Machine, find out the cause below:

1 Blockage of foreign substances in the mesh filter

With the help of the mesh filter installed in the water supply valve on the back side of the Washing Machine, micropollutant can be blocked from entering the Washing Tub. However, foreign substances can accumulate in the mesh filter and it is advisable to clean the filter regularly

Click here to find out the process to clean mesh filter
How to clean mesh filter on Samsung Washing Machine
2 It can happen if water pressure is too strong or too weak. If that's the case, the sound can be minimized with the faucet gradually turned off or on. If it is supplied with spring water, the mesh filter can be easily get dirty and cleaning it once a week is advisable
Adjust the faucet to control the water pressure

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