What to do when Samsung Front Loader makes noise during washing?

Last Update date : Nov 19. 2020

If your Washing Machine is making too much noise, there are a few easy things to check.

1 Check pockets before loading the machine and remove any loose items. Zip up any zippers, button any buttons, and turn clothing inside out to reduce clanging against the drum
Remove loose items from clothing
2 Remove shipping bolts on the back of the Washing Machine, if still intact. To check whether all the shipping bolts are removed, open the door and place your hand on the edge of the drum and push it forward and backward. If it moves easily, all the shipping bolts are removed
Remove Shipping Bolts from the Washing Machine
Check whether Shipping Bolts are removed
3 An unlevel Washing Machine may shake, causing unnecessary noise, vibration, and possible unit malfunction. Adjust individual legs until it is leveled

• If Washing Machine is installed on soft floor such as wooden floor, carpet etc, the vibration can be worse. It needs to be relocated on a hard floor

• Check if there are any substances under the legs of the Washing Machine. Placing objects under the legs for easy installation can cause serious vibration
Check whether the Washing Machine is leveled
4 Attempt to wash an unbalanced load can lead to excessive vibration and noise. To learn how to prevent unbalanced load, click here
5 Gap with other products

• If the gap between Washing Machine and other product is less than 1 inch, it may cause vibration / noise during spin cycle. It is recommended to adjust the Washing Machine with allowance

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