Touchscreen of Samsung mobile responding slowly

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

If a screen protector or optional accessories is attached to the touchscreen, it may not function properly. Some Samsung-unapproved screen protectors have tapes on the side edges which may not be in perfect contact when attach to the Mobile Device. This causes some touchscreen areas for not responding due to unrecognisable touch actions.

Samsung recommends to use Samsung-approved accessories only. If the device is facing performance problems and malfunctions due to the usage of non-approved accessories, it will not be covered in the Warranty.

Additionally, the touchscreen may also malfunction or respond improperly due to the following reasons:

• Touching the screen while wearing gloves 
• Hands are not clean
• Tap the screen with sharp objects or fingertips
• Use the device in humid conditions or exposed to water

To resolve the issue, alway ensure the device software is updated to the latest version and restart the device to clear any temporary software bugs, when needed.

If the touchscreen is still not responding, scratched or damaged, visit a Samsung Service Centre for further assistance

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