Unfolding the Future

Unfold the future: Johannes Christian See
CMO at New Funnels


Unfold the future: Johannes Christian See,
CMO at New Funnels

As a CMO with 10 years of experience in marketing & business development, Johannes is all about creating real change. With the help of technology and his vast experience, he hopes to leverage New Funnels and change the way they provide solutions in the Marine Industry. By his side, we have the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, looking as dapper as him. With its foldable form factor, a 6.7” screen and the ability to open 2 apps at once, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G is every bit functional as it is stylish. In it, Johannes has found the perfect complement to his professional and personal life.

How did your journey begin? Tell us about your humble beginnings and how it’s paved the way to where you are now.
I think that was always the plan. My childhood included waiting in the car at PSA as my dad made deliveries to the ship by portside.

I joined the family business right after University and took up many different roles within the company to understand the business and how it had functioned over the course of my family’s history.

While I had learnt a lot in the family business, spending some time outside of it has also allowed me to properly expand my horizons.

Putting together my experience from the corporate world and what I have learnt from the family business, I am slowly able to take the company into the future.

What has been the single-most important business lesson you’ve learnt in your early days from your family?
I think it’s very important to have a line drawn between business and family.

It’s amazing how easily that line blurs in a family business, especially in conversations between parents who are your bosses and children who happen to be your employees. The worst part is having a heated discussion at the meeting table with your bosses and having to come home and share dinner at the same table with the former displeasure still lingering.

We try our best to keep to a simple rule of not taking work back home to deter that line from being too blurred because in the end, family is what matters most.

What lessons has this pandemic taught you about the future of your industry?
Personally, I feel that technological uptake has been slow in my industry for the longest time as it’s still mainly run by many old-timers who are resistant to changing the way things are done.

How has technology transformed the way you manage your businesses to keep up with the ever-changing world, especially the pandemic since 2020?
If anything, I feel that the pandemic has forced the marine industry to adopt technology to fill in the gaps during these unpredictable times.

How has the Galaxy Z Flip 5G value-added your lifestyle? Are there any features of Galaxy Z Flip 5G that feel fresh or novel to you?
Style and functionality.

It’s a sleek, sexy phone and it’s also refreshing to move on to a newer model which is not bigger than the last. I love how it’s foldable. It really takes me back to the days of the first flip phones back in the 90s and it's less bulky and fits easier in my pockets.

I enjoy taking photos, but I’m a terrible photographer. So, one of the functions I love is Single Take. While it’s effectively a 10-second video…somehow it really knows how to help me pick the best photos. Maybe that's why I’m getting less complaints about the photos I take of my girlfriend.

What kind of impact or legacy do you hope your actions leave behind?
I want to leave behind a world where being kind and helping one another is the norm.

I believe that even if you can’t help everyone in need, it takes helping just the one person. That in itself makes a difference. If you can’t make a big impact on the world, you can at least create small pulses of good for the people around you. These small pulses will resonate and the next thing you know, a ripple effect will be felt by all.

What do you think is the next development or trend that’s going to be big within your industry?
Sustainability and clean shipping are words which have been thrown around for quite a while now. For me, it will be finding a way to be greener and socially responsible when supplying our equipment and performing our services.

But as shared earlier, the shipping industry is starting to embrace technology more than ever through digitalization of the supply chain.

I also understand that there will be more discussions about blockchain, Big Data and AI in the shipping industry. Though I’m admittedly unfamiliar with these, I’m looking forward to seeing how it gets adopted in this old industry.

If not for taking over the helm of the family business, what do you think you’d be doing in today’s technology-permeated world?
This is a tricky one. I do have many interests and passions outside of my family business, some of which I’m currently pursuing as a side hustle.

Having come from a PR, Marketing and Events background in my previous company and hustles, I have experience in working with various industries such as F&B, Luxury, Lifestyle and Investment.

So either I’ll start an agency or consultancy firm handling digital marketing and events for the Lifestyle and Investment industry or look to head a company’s in-house marketing team.

What does success mean to you? If you’re able to quantify what success is, how would it look like to you?
I believe success is not just about the career and money you make, but also about living a good and honest life.

If I was to quantify success, I think it would simply be a good career, loving family, great friends and a God-centred life.

What is your personal life philosophy, in 5 words or less?
One good turn deserves another.

What does Unfold the Future mean to you?
The future is here, your time is now.

Uncover more about the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, the device that’s been making strides in both Johannes’ personal and professional life.
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