NX 16-50mm f2-2.8 ED OIS S


NX 16-50mm f2-2.8 ED OIS S Samsung’s new series of professional camera lenses, the Samsung Premium S Lens, is designed for photographers looking to elevate their creativity. A consummate blend of optical performance, the Samsung 16-50mm Premium S Lens features an elegant design and is easy to use. Designed to excel even in severely dusty conditions, this versatile and durable lens captures both glorious wide-angle vistas and intimate semi-close-ups with crystalline sharpness. It also features the brightest aperture F2-2.8 in its class, a fast, whisper-quiet inner focus system and a high-performance Ultra-Precise Stepping Motor (UPSM).

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NX 16-50mm f2-2.8 ED OIS S


Create images that resonate
Premium S Lens

Create images that resonate
Experience high-resolution clarity with quality rendered details, colours and contrast with the Samsung Premium S Lens. Precision engineering, quality control and Samsung’s latest technological advances coalesce into a series of durable high-performance lenses. Our enduring lenses allow photographers to bring their visions to life.

Designed to deliver image quality

Clearly designed to improve image quality
The Samsung 16-50mm Premium S Lens contains 18 elements in 12 groups—including three aspherical, two ED and two XHR lenses—to help produce sharp images. The lens is crafted with an optical lens design that incorporates SPMC (Superior Multi-Coating) technology to address ghosting and flare effects. As a result, in some conditions you can shoot bright and clear low-lit images with an aperture setting as low as F2. This lens meets the CIPA’s OIS 4-Stop* optical image stabilizer guideline.

*Lens meets CIPA OIS 4-Stop guideline only at 50mm focal length with Samsung NX300 and NX30 model cameras.

A bright way to capture life

A brighter way to capture life
A bright F2- F2.8 aperture The Samsung 16-50mm Premium S Lens aperture, due to its meticulously crafted optical lens design, can go as low as F2 while still maintaining high resolution. This means you can shoot bright and clear low-lit images in some conditions with an aperture setting as low as F2—and capture a whole world in the dark or create stunning photos with an out-focusing effect.

Designed for life in varying conditions

Designed for life in adverse conditions
Reliable lens design Elegantly crafted of metal, this new addition to the Samsung 16-50mm Premium S Lens series defines rugged luxury. Every element of the lens, including the zoom and focus rings, is manufactured to exact standards so you can smoothly adjust settings with precise control.

A smooth, fast, quiet autofocus

A smoother, faster, quieter autofocus
Still / Video High-speed AF Samsung’s newly developed Ultra-Precise Stepping Motor (UPSM) may be less noisy than Samsung’s conventional autofocus (AF) systems. You’ll appreciate its quiet AF performance every time you record video. And the UPSM allows for accurate incremental positioning, for smooth AF performance.

A superb system for capturing video

The perfect system for capturing unwavering video
Inner Focus System The lens’s inner focus system does not change length during focusing, delivering stability for recording steady video. Nor does the lens barrel rotate, so you can use a non-rotating front lens assembly, such as a polarising filter or a lens hood. The inner focus system also delivers fast and smooth operation while helping to keep the lens compact and portable.

One-touch access a stunning picture

One-touch access to the perfect picture
i-Function Integrated into the lens barrel design, the intuitive i-Function system lets you frame the shot, adjust manual settings and preview changes—all at the same time. To capture the image you envision, press the i-Function button on the side of the lens and twist the value ring to change variables such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance.

tech specs

Technical Information

  • Focal Length

    16-50 mm

  • Focal Length in 35 mm Equivalent

    24.6-77 mm

  • Lens Construction - Elements


  • Lens Construction - Groups


  • Aspherical Elements


  • ED Elements


  • XHR Elements


  • Angle of View


  • Maximum Aperture


  • Minimum Aperture


  • Number of Diaphragm Blades


  • Minimum Focus Distance (Wide)

    0.3 m

  • Minimum Focus Distance (Tele)

    0.3 m

  • Maximum Magnification


  • Lens Hood


  • Optical Image Stabilizer


Physical specification

  • Mount Type

    Samsung NX Mount

  • Filter Size

    72 mm

  • Max Diameter

    81 mm

  • Length

    96.5 mm

  • Weight (Lens Only, Approx.)

    622 g


Operating Environment

  • Operating Temperature

    0 - 40 °C

  • Operating Humidity

    5 - 85 %