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SUHD 4K: The Future of TV Has Arrived

4K technology is designed to give you more of what you love – bigger screens plus brighter, more colourful and truer-to-life pictures.

A couple admire their 4K SUHD Samsung TV
A Samsung TV shows an image of outer space

The evolution of television technology

For many decades, cathode ray tubes were the only TV displays available. This technology projected electron beams on a phosphor screen to make it glow.

Tips for work life balance

In the modern age we live in, it can be hard to find time to switch off. The good news is TV can be part of the solution to a better work life balance.

Lady working from home and talking on the phone
A man is impressed while using his Samsung Smart TV

The value of owning a smart TV

In the old days, when TV’s were square and MacGyver was cool we would all sit down and force-fed whatever came down the tube. Now, we have a world of entertainment at our fingertips. We can enjoy whatever we want, whenever it suits.

A Samsung TV displays an amazingly bright and colourful image

Nanocrystal technology transforming TV technology

Scientists working in the field of nanotechnology deal with objects so vanishingly small, it’s hard to imagine them. Sizes here are measured in nanometres. To put this in perspective, the head of a pin is a million nanometres wide.

Smart Hub screen on a Samsung Television

Smart Hub

Powered by Tizen, the slick new 2015 Smart Hub gets you to the content you want, quickly and seamlessly.

Video on Demand Apps

With great video on-demand apps, there can always be something to watch.

Video on Demand Apps - Various TV and movie stills
Image of content being shared from a TV to a tablet

Share it around

Play content from compatible small screen devices to Samsung Smart TV, and from the big screen to the small!

Image from Another world awaits you TVC with characters from other worlds

Another world awaits you on Samsung SUHD TV

Another world awaits you… introducing the Samsung 4K SUHD Television that takes samsung picture excellence to breathtaking levels.